How Overthinking Destroys New Beginnings



When you start dating someone new, it’s always good to try to think positive thoughts, and to be as optimistic as possible. However, many of us struggle with overthinking things in regards to the little details of what he or she said to us, or even when it comes to the situation at hand. Overthinking can cause a tremendous amount of damage and unhappiness if you let it. This is why it’s so important to live in the moment, relax a little, and embrace the opportunity and chance at getting to know someone new.

The problem is that some of us forget to relax, enjoy the moment, or even breathe for that matter. We waste our time thinking and thinking until the point that we literally can’t breathe at times. And it’s mostly from the stress that we’re causing ourselves. Over-thinking can destroy every bit of our happiness and at the same time, we tend to miss out on all the enjoyment that we could be experiencing with the other person. It’s important not to let our minds take control in our relationships. But instead, to enjoy the experience, and embrace how you feel, what the person says, and enjoy your time together, as opposed to overthinking things and torturing yourself from within.

When we overthink things in relationships, we tend to dissect things, instead of enjoy them. The whole point in life is happiness and if your relationship is going to stress you out, it’s not worth it. If you have doubts about a person and that’s what’s causing you to overthink things, then obviously you need to take a step back and think about the situation. But what you shouldn’t do is overthink things to the point where you feel unhappy and stressed out. If you do, the end result will likely be unhappiness, and I’m sure that that’s the last thing that anyone would want.

Remember to stay positive and enjoy your partner. And if you aren’t the right match for one another, you’ll find out soon enough. But if you’re going to spend your time during the early dating period analyzing, dissecting, and overthinking things, you’re going to create a lot of unnecessary anxiety and misery for yourself, which will likely be very destructive towards you, the other person, and your relationship.

Try not to read into things, and especially because it will likely drive you nuts if you do. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your partner, or the person that you’re dating or in a relationship with, ask them, and speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to tell the person what’s on your mind and in your thoughts. If you have something on your chest that’s bugging you, the only way to relieve yourself is to get it out, so speak up! Just remember to be kind and sweet when you say whatever it is that’s on your mind, because as the good old saying goes, you get much more with honey than vinegar. But at the same time, remember not to hold in what you’re thinking or feeling, because that’s one of the biggest ways why we tend to overthink things.

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