Good Morning Love


Every morning, we wake up and have the chance to make the most of our day. There’s nothing as lovely as having that special someone in your life to wish you a beautiful day ahead. Some people don’t get that, and I assure you, they’re missing out. Being kind to other people with no motive can truly brighten up someone’s day. Actions as such can be the one thing that can give a person that lift in their spirits to feel motivated, driven, and perhaps, less alone in this world. We can choose to do good or evil. We can choose to be kind. And we can choose to be lazy or be driven and motivated. Sometimes, we need outside influences or role models in order to acquire that motivation. However, some of us are able to motivate ourselves from within, through our strengths and positive spirits. Either way, if we choose to have a beautiful day, we can.

We all have the ability to control our own destiny (to some extent). Whether we have a good or bad day, it’s in our own hands and we can’t blame others for our failures, misfortunes, or for flat out, being lazy. The good news is, every day is a new day. We can start all over in the morning. When you and someone you love get into a quarrel or disagreement, it’s always good to try to make up before going to sleep. When you wake up, you can say the prayer N’tillat Yadayim and start all over and make it a beautiful day. In Judaism, they say that washing the hands removes evil spirits from one’s fingers. But, I won’t get too deep, as far as the details regarding these Jewish rituals or traditions. I’m looking at this from more of a spiritual aspect than religious, although both are good. The point is that you can cleanse yourself and start all over and everything will be fine. There’s no need for a New Year to start anew. There’s no need to wait once or twice a year (depending on some of our faiths) to make new and improved resolutions. Every day is a new day and it can be brighter and better than the day before.

Every day, we have a clean slate and the promise of starting all over. This is the mentality that we all need to develop, so that we’re able to move forward past issues, start all over, and keep pushing forward to self-improvement, being a better person, and never giving up. Be better than you were yesterday. Leave the past in the past. Work harder, set new goals, create a game plan and strive towards attaining the things that you want in life. Feel good in your present state, but make changes for the better to improve your life. And in the process, make sure that your life is full of balance and positive energy. If you’re in a relationship or married, start your day off right. Say good morning, and do so despite whatever challenging times you might be working through. Wake up with a smile so that you will not only lift your own spirits but also so that you’ll lift your partner’s spirits and brighten their day. On that note, this morning, I want to give you some of my light and positive energy. I hope you all have a beautiful, beautiful, and productive day.

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  1. If your day starts on the wrong foot you can always start the day over, as many times as necessary.

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