Pushing Buttons and Triggering Your Partner


When you find someone that you care about, you should naturally want to make them happy, and feel good. In this article, I wanted to write about one particular toxic behavior that seems to be quite common in the dating scene. This behavior is truly detrimental, and a huge culprit for creating unhappy relationships, unhappy partners, and altogether unhappiness. The toxic behavior that I’m referring to is intentionally pushing people’s buttons and triggering them to get a reaction.

It’s imperative that we show our partners how much we love them by our words and our actions. Our words and actions play such an immense role in how our partner feels loved. People should never try to provoke a reaction in their partner in any negative way. That’s the opposite of showing love and sensitivity towards your partner’s feelings. In a healthy relationship, it’s important to avoid causing your partner pain if at all possible.

You should never try to provoke your partner to react to things that you say or do. I’m obviously not referring to anything positive like sweet gestures or surprises. I’m solely referring to provoking jealousy in your partner and using words as emotional weapons. You should avoid upsetting or hurting your partner’s feelings from the things that you say and do. How do I put this nicely… When you know what triggers your partner, don’t do it!

No one should have to feel as if they’re walking on eggshells in their relationship. As well, no one should be avoiding confrontation or disagreements simply because their views on things might be different. You shouldn’t expect perfection in another person or in your relationship. However, strive for perfection by working on getting to know your partner better, and creating more peace and happiness in your relationship.

Don’t do things like intentionally provoke a response just to keep the fire alive in your relationship. It’s very possible that your partner will have a negative reaction to your selfish desire to provoke them. If you have things in your relationship that is bothering you, speak up, and communicate your feelings. Don’t sweep your feelings under the rug or implode, because things will build up, and eventually explode into a bigger deal.

It’s important to find out what triggers your partner and to avoid any buttons that you definitely should not be pushing. When it comes to dating someone new, it takes time to get to know them enough to see what might trigger them or push them over the edge. As you learn what triggers your partner, and see what makes them tick, you should avoid saying or doing those things. Remember, in a healthy relationship, people respond better with love than with hate or cruelty.

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