Why You Shouldn’t Date a Grouch



Anne Cohen Talks is a new section on ACW, where I’ll talk freely, say what’s on my mind, vent, clear my throat, and maybe even sing a song for you—move over Karen Carpenter! And I’ll usually do these talks with only one take, so they’ll be more authentic, despite the likelihood of pausing here or there and saying the words “like” and “uhm” more often than I should. I’m thinking as I write this, that perhaps I won’t even listen to them myself. If I did, it might take a few more takes, perhaps 2 or 3 (realistically like 12 or 24).

If you have any subject matters, thoughts, ideas, dating, relationship, marital, health, fitness, self improvement, feel good or better, types of questions or ideas that you’d like me to address on Anne Cohen Talks, please leave a comment below. And remember, these are my thoughts, my feelings, and my opinions, and we’re all entitled to think and feel the way that we do. I always welcome different views or even constructive criticism. And remember, I’m just as new speaking on ACW as you are to listening to me speak, so I’m hoping to improve my talks with time. Wishing you all a beautiful day. Click the play button below. 

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