Let’s Choose to Be Happy and Embrace This Beautiful World



Some people are more sensitive than others. Many people will let others affect their happiness. They’ll take away from their good mood, and from that Zen type of feeling that they might’ve had before seeing, talking, texting, or even emailing them. Many times, we let other people put us in a bad mood or mess up a whole day or even a few hours from what could’ve been a beautiful day. In life, we should all strive towards being the best version of ourselves. But we should also strive towards becoming a happier person.

A person who is predominately happy, is a person that you want in your life. People like to be around others who are generally happy, content, easy-going, and pretty much whole for the most part. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about people who are in need or that we shouldn’t be there for friends or family during hard times. I’m just saying, that we all like to be around other people who are happy, optimistic, love life, and who try to live it to the fullest.

So many of us have fallen. And some of us have fallen many, many times, where we let something so silly, and so dumb, entirely kill our good mood and mess up our relaxed and content state of mind. Think about it folks. Who needs that! Who needs to have a bad day because of stupid things that are usually not worth the fight or the anger. What reason do we all have to be so angry at others and at the world around us. Let go of the anger, and let’s not make little things such big deals all of the time.

Really, life is too short to be unhappy and miserable even once a day. And especially, when the things that are upsetting us can usually be easily avoided. We just need to learn how to recognize what’s really important in life and how many times, we get upset for no reason. We don’t need to create drama and tension in our lives, when we could be living in a way where we feel love, happiness, peace of mind, and to such an extent that we genuinely care about how our actions and words affect others around us, and yes, how they affect us too! 

It’s unfortunate that many times we let other people get us in a bad mood or make us feel down, when we could be feeling amazing and enjoying all of the beautiful things in life. There are a million different reasons for us to be happy each and every day and throughout our lives. When we surround ourselves with people who are negative, pessimistic, jaded, and who see the bad in everything or even most things, we end up absorbing some of their negative energy and becoming like them. And this even happens when we’re the resilient type of person who tries to be good, and does good things in life. This is probably why, many times you’ll hear the saying that, you are who your friends are.

Good people usually choose to be around good people. And bad people or those who are unhappy, or who do bad things and less acts of kindness, will end up surrounding themselves with toxic people and those who predominately live their lives like they do—unhappily and with a negative outlook on nearly everything. It’s important to strive towards bettering ourselves and towards making good decisions in life.

One of the good decisions that we should all make for ourselves, is to surround ourselves with happy people and with those who are in a good place in their lives. Another thing that we should all do to improve ourselves and our life, is to take control over our emotions and develop more self-control. And to do this, we need to stop letting others have so much power over our emotions.

We will always have good and bad moments throughout each and every day in our life. But we shouldn’t feel upset or get in a bad mood because other people are making bad decisions. And even if there’s heavy traffic, or things that we can’t control and are out of our hands for the most part, we need to hold it together. Take a deep breath, exhale, and let go. Free your heart from anger.

If anything, when things are out of our hands and we have no control over changing them, we need to learn to accept things, and then find a bright side to anything and everything that we can. And when or if there’s no bright side to certain situations, then we need to make the best out of them and not let it ruin our whole day or mood. Remember, when we are happy, others around us will be happier. Love and being happy is so contagious in the same manner that smiling and laughter is, and this is something that we should all keep in mind every day.

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