Signs of a Stylish and Sophisticated Man



Even though clothes don’t make the man, they surely tell a lot about his beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts, right? That’s right, which is why a lot of men are trying their best to look as stylish and sophisticated as possible! Here are four essential signs of a stylish and sophisticated man, so check them out and learn how to spot such a guy in a crowd!

He Always Wears Perfectly Tailored Suits

Even though many people think that a man can’t make a mistake with a suit, trust us when we say that this is completely wrong. This is particularly true for inexpensive, store-bought suits that rarely fit well – the jacket sleeves are too long, it’s too big on the shoulders and too small on the waist, or the pant legs are too short. This is exactly why we can freely say that a stylish and sophisticated man always wears a
perfectly tailored suit.

Yes, we know that such pieces are often much more expensive than pieces found in stores, but you know what? These are made according to every individual’s body shape and personal measurements, which is what makes them so priceless! The fact that they flawlessly fit the body makes them so unique and special, and that’s why the investment always pays off!

He Knows How to Accessorize

Apart from knowing his suits, a stylish man also knows his accessories, which is exactly what helps him stand out from the crowd. Of course, there are many different types of accessories that can fit into various styles, so every man has to define his style before he chooses to wear certain pieces. For example, casual style is quite laid-back, which is why the accessories should follow the same pattern. Cool leather bracelets, trendy beanies, statement rings, and colorful socks will perfectly match this style.

On the other hand, many men love to wear formal clothes – both in and out of work. Fine leather goods are the best choice for such a style, which is why
a stylish cardholder wallet and a quality belt are a must for everyday combos. Possibilities are truly infinite, but the most important thing for any man is to stay true to himself and his style and he’ll accessorize like a true pro!

He Has a Pair of Shoes for Every Occasion

A man who means business when it comes to fashion knows his footwear, too. And what does that mean? Well, it means that he has at least one pair of shoes for every occasion. Some people would even say that you can tell a lot about a man from his choice of footwear, and guess what? We completely agree with this claim! Imagine this situation: you’re invited to a beach wedding and your man decides to wear his favorite pair of flip-flops.

Even though there’s nothing wrong about these – especially during hot summer days, these are super inappropriate for an occasion such as this one. A stylish man would know that and he’d opt for a pair of trendy loafers instead. Also, he knows that
plain white sneakers are a great choice for any casual combo, whereas a pair of quality leather shoes are there to match his tailored suit. As simple as that!

He Knows How to Match His Clothes

Last but certainly not least, we must say that every stylish and fashion-forward man knows how to match his clothes. Even though some pieces truly are no-brainers, there definitely are items that require extra care and attention. This is particularly true for prints and patterns, as matching them can be a true challenge. For example, matching a shirt and a tie that feature the same pattern is one of the most common fashion conundrums for men. 

However, a man who knows how to match his clothes will always wear a shirt with larger stripes and a tie with smaller ones, meaning that stripes on two different pieces should never be the same size. Speaking of colors, a man with a refined fashion taste will always know how to pull off a combo that features several shades of a different shade. That’s called sophistication!

As you can see, there are so many amazing signs of a stylish and sophisticated man you should keep an eye on. Of course, these four are the most prominent ones out there, so bear them in mind the next time you want to figure it out. Just stick to our tips and you won’t make a mistake, that’s a promise!


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