Spring Fashion Trends for 2019



Fashionistas all over the world can’t wait for spring to come. Even though we’re still at least a month away from nice weather and sunshine, it’s good to keep track of the upcoming trends so that you know what to expect when
the season changes. This year is full of surprises, from leather to feathers and all the way to animal prints, there is something for everybody. Read on to discover what fashion trends will be hot this spring.




One of the major moments on runways that showed spring/summer ’19 fashion was made by macramé and crochet pieces. It seems like the fishnet pattern is going to be especially popular, and we love the versatility it offers. You can combine it so that it looks girly, sexy, romantic, as well as fierce, and the best thing is that you will be able to rock off more artisanal craft details. Because the pieces are eye-catching, you can aim for a minimalist silhouette, or you can dare to stand out and wear more decorated and colorful pieces.

Asymmetrical Necklines 

It seems as if we’re going to be focusing on necklines more than ever before, and off-balanced silhouettes and asymmetrical necklines are the next big thing. Pick a piece that will not only expose your collarbone, but also one that will dance along your shoulders or gently wrap around your neck. Pieces that twist and twirl around your neck and collarbone will be so fabulous that you won’t have to wear too many accessories, as the shirt or dress itself will be a fashion statement.

Leather and Feathers Forever

It seems like leather and feathers will be all the craze this spring, but fortunately for everyone concerned about animal cruelty, nobody expects you to choose ‘the real deal’. You will be glad to know that vegan leather and faux feathers will do the trick as well, as both are gaining momentum. Interestingly, it’s not just the outerwear that’s in the spotlight, so prepared to experiment. Black has always been a staple, yet it seems like warm browns, fiery reds, and crisp white pieces will be the most popular hues this spring.

Utility Chic


People who adore functional and comfy pieces will be thrilled to hear that the utility chic trend is finally here. Pieces, where function meets fashion to the joy of many, include cargo pants, patch pockets, and relaxed fit jumpsuits from eb&ive
. Some might even dare to take it a step further and try a boiler suit, tie-front pants with interesting prints, or perhaps pants with a slight drop crotch and deep pockets. As long as the pieces are functional and comfortable (and you add accessories or choose a bold print), you’ll be good to go.

Prints to Die For

Speaking of interesting prints, it’s time to take out the big guns and embrace all kinds of prints. It looks like paisley and bandana prints will be seen more than ever before, and we’re not talking about scarves alone. In addition to this, we’ll be seeing a lot more of bold animal prints, as the trend that emerged in the fall of 2018 doesn’t seem to be weakening, but rather getting bigger and better. It’s all about making a statement with python and
leopard prints that you can layer on top of floral summer prints. Wear it on your flowy button-down blouses, wrap dresses, handbags, or even shoes.

Beige Is the New Black


There is also something for those of you who aren’t fans of bold animal prints – beige is back and it’s here to stay. Monochrome neutrals were pretty popular these past few seasons, but this spring they’re going to take over. A sea of beige is expected on the streets as well as on our Instagram feeds, but don’t expect it to look boring. You’ll be free to mix and match different shades within one look, and you’re welcome to experiment with textures and fabrics too. Think about beige leather, linen, cotton, and silk, and spice it up with a touch of beautiful pastel shades.

ost of us are tired of this long winter and cold weather, and we can’t wait for spring to come and bring us not only warmth but the abundance of new fashion trends too. Remember that you don’t have to follow a trend just because it’s popular, especially if you don’t like it. Rather try to use these trends as an inspiration to create your own signature look.


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