Summer Beauty Staples



Summertime’s here and it’s time for a glow up! We’ve got the perfect opportunity to bring out all our brightly-colored dresses and strappy sandals and enjoy the weather, and our summer beauty really doesn’t need much nurturing to stand out in the bright sun.  

With only a few good beauty staples, you’ll have all you need to achieve that perfect summer glam and look stunning every single day. Let us show you just what you need to stand out this summer.



Can’t really do without a good SPF. Harsh sun can damage our skin and cause a ton of wrinkles, and it’s downright irresponsible to go out without sunscreen when the temperature is so high. Luckily, today’s sunscreens are made of high-quality products and have a smooth texture that’s easy to apply, and that can actually give your skin a lovely glow. 

With a good sunscreen, you’ll be protected from the UV rays and your skin will look healthy and plump.  

BB Cream


Ditch the high coverage foundation because a) you probably really don’t need it, b) it will clog up all your pores, and c) it’s going to look particularly cakey in the harsh summer sun. BB creams and tinted moisturizers are the way to go because you just need a little something to even out your skin tone without making it look like you put foundation on with a spackle. 

If you have acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or any other imperfections that you feel self-conscious about, we recommend that you use concealer to spot-treat. Try using a small brush and applying concealer only to the areas where you really need it.

Cream Blush 

Applying cream blush is the easiest way to give yourself a fresh and easy makeup look. You can use cream blush on top of your BB cream or on bare skin, and you only need a hint to get that rosy-cheeked youthful radiance. Feel free to use an illuminating blush if you like, just be careful where you place it.
Depending on your face shape, you need to choose where you position the blush for optimal effect.  

Hair Extensions

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair a little, but you don’t have to dye it a crazy color to make it look fun and modern. Having said that, if you want to look glamorously sexy, then you have to try
single drawn real hair extensions for a fuller, more voluminous look to your hair. With extensions, you won’t need too many products to style your hair. Just give it a bit of a curl and you’re basically ready to go. 

Body Scrub

Nothing like perfectly smooth skin to make your legs look
really good in that short skirt. Do a full-body scrub a few times a week to get rid of all of the bumps and texture and rejuvenate your skin, and make sure to hydrate it really well after you’re done. If you like, you can also make your own DIY scrub at home: simply mix ½ a cup of brown sugar with ½ a cup of jojoba oil in a bowl and use it to smooth down your skin right before showering. 

Poppin’ Lipstick 


You don’t need much makeup in summer, but one thing that you should always have in your bag is a bright lipstick. Remember, it’s totally okay to wear nudes on a daily basis, but if you want to really bring some effortless fun to your look, then you may want to choose a bright pink, coral, or red lipstick. Make sure the
color matches your undertone, and pair your lipstick with a simple eye look – just a little mascara and neutral brown eyeshadow will do. 

Oil-Blotting Sheets

This is a particularly good product for oily-skinned gals. Blotting sheets can be kept in a little box that you can carry in your bag, and taken out every time you want to touch up your makeup. Just dab excess oil from your skin and you’re back to looking fresh instead of greasy. 

Those are basically all of the essentials you need. With only a few products you can truly make your beauty shine this summer. 


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