The 4 Ways To Determine What Your Personality Type Is



It may seem obvious what your personality is if you think about it quickly. That pink sofa you love so much reflects your quirky personality, for example. But, how you decorate your house and the type of clothes you wear can only reveal so much about your actual personality. You have to take some time and reflect to determine what your personality is and imagine how others perceive you. 

It’s important to take the time to figure it out because it can help you understand yourself better. This understanding will make your life easier in certain ways. In this article, we will go over some of the ways that you can determine what your personality is. 

1. List Your Traits

You have a collection of characteristics about you that are sometimes positive but also sometimes negative. These are your traits and are what exhibit parts of your personality. It is helpful to list them out so you can see a balance of what makes you tick. 

To come up with a list, think of the words you would use to describe how you think and behave. For instance, you could say that you are a hard worker or that you feel nervous a lot. 

You could also list out some of the traits that people tell you that you have. They may often tell you that you are sensitive or kind. They may often tell you that you’re impatient or that you get angry easily. Some of the things they say are going to be negative and some positive but either way, make note of how people describe you. 

2. Reflect on Your Actions

If you can think about how you behave and your actions on a daily basis you may gain some insight into your personality. This is because it is often your personality traits that govern how you act in certain situations. 

For instance, think about your day and how you dealt with certain situations. When a coworker talked about problems that they were having at home did you listen? Or, were you annoyed that they were distracting you from your work?

3 . How Do You Affect Those Around You?

How conscientious you are will also give you a good indication of what your personality is like. Think about how your actions impact the people around you and how it makes you feel.

If your behavior makes life difficult for those around you then this indicates that you’re not very conscientious. If it makes you feel ambivalent then this is revealing. If you feel bad about it then you could make an effort to change. 

4. Summarize

Take everything you have gotten up to this point and try to summarize your personality into three words. These are the biggest parts or traits that you exhibit that sort of define who you are. If you like the summary then you are good. If you don’t then you need to work on changing so you like the traits that you have that define your personality. 


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