If He Doesn’t Love These 5 Things About You, He’s the Wrong Guy


When we’re in a relationship, we always want to know that our partner loves us for who we are, and not for any superficial reasons. We need to know that our relationship is based on something meaningful, and full of substance. No one is ever going to like every little thing about you, so you can throw having those types of unrealistic expectations out. But for the most part, the right match will love and adore you for you. The following is a list of five things that your guy should definitely love about you, and if he doesn’t, you should show him the door.

1. Your Inner Beauty

When a man loves a woman, he loves her soul, who she is at her core, and all of her inner beauty. And although physical attraction is important and should definitely be there, it’s merely superficial when there’s no substance behind it. When a woman is beautiful inside and out, a man will not only fall head over heals for her because of that inner beauty, but he’ll desire her and feel attracted more with time. A good man will love a woman a million times more when he sees the depth of her soul and inner beauty.
A woman who has an immense amount of inner beauty will exude from her, even when she’s not trying to display it. A man can sense whether or not a woman has such beauty from within. When a woman has inner beauty, her words, actions, desires, and even her hopes and dreams will be spiritually pure and beautiful. If a man doesn’t see your inner beauty and absolutely love you for it, either he’s a fool, or you might need to work on yourself.

2. Your Personality

Two people either “get each other,” or they don’t. Compatibility is everything in a healthy and happy relationship. If a man doesn’t feel that he’s compatible with you, and doesn’t like, or simply can’t stand your personality, you won’t last as a couple. So if a man doesn’t absolutely love your personality, including all of those little idiosyncrasies, he’s not the one. find a man who will love you, despite your imperfections and flaws. Be with the type of man who will adore your personality so much that he’ll view your imperfections as beautiful and unique, or just plain old cute!

3. Your Touch, Smell, and Essence

When a man loves a woman, he loves to breathe her in, and suck up all of her scent. A man needs to feel loved and adored by his woman, but when he doesn’t like the way that you touch him, something is definitely wrong. A man should absolutely love the way that his woman touches, caresses, and coequal pleases him. When a man is truly in love with a woman, and she feels that same love towards him, he should definitely love her touch.
Closeness and intimacy should be based on love. So if he’s not loving your touch, maybe the love isn’t really as strong as you might’ve thought. And as far as a woman’s essence, an energy and aura of a woman is either compatible and attractive to her man, or it isn’t. This is not something that you can fix if it’s missing. Perfume wears off, and really, it’s not the same as the natural, unique, and divine aura that a woman carries.

4. Your Honesty

Men love when a woman is honest. Everyone wants to be able to trust their partner. I suppose that this one can be said towards women or men, because honesty can make anyone feel loved. And I’m quite sure that whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll love having an honest partner. When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s completely honest, trustworthy, faithful, and true to their word, you will absolutely love them for it.

5. Your Purity

Some men may say that they want a bad girl, but the truth is, when a man wants to have a long term commitment with a woman that will potentially lead to marriage, he wants a good girl. He wants someone who he can take home to his mother and father, and one who he’ll feel proud and honoured to be with. A man wants for his woman to be respectable.
Men love when a woman has a pure heart, and does things out of a pure and loving place. A woman who is pure, isn’t necessarily a virgin either. She simply has a way about her where she’ll radiate inner beauty and love with everything that she does. So if you know yourself, and you know how pure your heart, intentions, and actions are, and he doesn’t see it or love and appreciate it, he’s the wrong guy for you.

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