Four Top Wedding Trends To Consider in 2021



While the love of weddings remains a constant with couples, the wedding trends they follow have changed over the years, with new ones appearing every year. In 2021, these four wedding trendsinfluenced in part by the pandemic of 2020are popular among couples who are planning their weddings. If you’re planning on getting married this year or next, here are four wedding trends you’ll want to know about.

1. Wedding Florals

Weddings have become quite sophisticated in recent years. Because of that, people are no longer leaving their floral arrangements up to chance. From decked-out flower girls walking down the aisle with beautiful bouquets to guests arriving at reception halls via flower-decorated horse and carriage, you’re sure to see elaborate wedding florals going to a whole new level as people celebrate their special day.

2. Humor

Laughter is an instant mood lifter, and there’s nothing more entertaining than a couple who knows how to laugh. After the challenges of 2020, your wedding will stand out if you make your ceremony as funny as it is sweet. Whether you want your guests rolling in the aisles or shedding tears of joy, humor can accomplish both. Remember that laughter can lighten any mood and lift anyone’s spirits, especially during such an important day!

3. Weekday Weddings

Last year, many couples postponed their weddings. This year, their weddings are on again, but some would-be marrieds are having trouble finding a venue on their weekend day in question. Weekends are a popular choice, and most are taken due to all of the recent rescheduling. Be sure to schedule in advance when booking with venues like Russo’s on the Bay and consider choosing a less popular weekday option to get a sooner date. 

That said, a weekday wedding comes with some advantages. It can also be just as romantic as an evening affair but it can also save you thousands of dollars. Some days of the week typically cost less than others, and the early fall and winter months tend to be less expensive as well.

4. Small Guest Lists

In years past, couples had large guest lists for their weddings. These days, small wedding guest lists are becoming more common. This is especially great to consider if you are still cautious about the virus. If you’re considering having fewer guests, here are some tips on how you can pull it off. First, choose an intimate venue that’s no bigger than you need (think: 200-person maximum). Invite only your closest family and friends. Alternatively, consider eloping if you have your heart set on a small and intimate wedding day.

There’s no denying that weddings are both an art and a science. A decade ago, brides-to-be would plan their nuptials in just one year’s time; they’d get engaged, select a venue (often one they’d seen in a movie or magazine), book their DJ, and then find everything else online. Nowadays, couples want more control over their wedding day. This year’s wedding trends reflect these changes in attitude, making weddings smaller, more intimate, and more beautiful for everyone involved.


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