When Couples Forget What Matters the Most


Sometimes couples make little things a big deal. Many of us do so because in particular moments we might feel that some things really are a big deal. But at that very moment, a lot of times we forget what’s really important, and we lose focus, forgetting how sacred and beautiful we want our relationship to be. We forget that happiness and feeling in love is the most important thing to us at times, and this is why I wrote this article. 

We should always appreciate the things that we have in life and focus on that much more so than we think of all of the things that we lack or on those things that we haven’t yet attained. When we focus on the positive, and concentrate on all of the beautiful and good things in our lives, and on the things that we have, Will be happier in our current state, and in each moment. If we’re overthinking, and way too busy focusing on the future too much, and to the point where it takes away from the now, and in this very moment that we’re living and breathing, we’ll never be happy. 

It’s always a good idea to nip things in the bud and to address issues early on, rather than save them and address them all at once because that will likely end up being like an explosion. Imploding your feelings and concerns is never the way to go. It’s always best to address issues one by one and as things happen. That way nothing becomes a bigger deal than it needs to be. As well, it’s also important to try not to make big issues out of unimportant matters. And in order to do that, we have to know and understand what truly matters to us most. It’s never a good thing when someone complains all of the time or never seems happy with anything because that will end up not only taking away your happiness as a couple, but it will likely drain you and your partner’s energy. 

It’s important to pick and choose your battles. Not everything needs to be a battle, and both people in a relationship need to realize that. It’s never about winning or losing, and therefore, it’s unimportant who wins an argument or was right at the end of the day. What’s important is that you address issues early on and that not everything becomes an issue because the truth is, nothing is really that big of a deal in the end. 

The most important thing in a relationship is to feel happy, and for your partner to feel happy, and for your relationship to thrive in that state of happiness not just for the moment, but for a lifetime. And the only way to get to that point is by not making everything a big deal, by being easy-going, and by addressing issues early on instead of sweeping things under the rug. Don’t be afraid to hash things out and to work on your issues, because that’s how relationships improve. Good things take hard work, and if you want great results and then ultimately successful relationship for the long term, then you have to be willing to put in the hard work, effort, and love that it takes to make it work.

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