Tips and Strategies for a Successful Date

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The first date is all about building the initial connection. When I went on my first date, it was an exciting experience. Before I went, I summarized hundreds of first-date tips and advice—a single thought of how the date will make us anxious. Although my date went quite well, I was still nervous. Lots of questions were still popping up in my head, like what if he felt like he was an interviewee? I realized it’s not only tips for a first date that will work out for the whole; you also need strategies. I also talked to relationships and dating experts and supplemented this research with useful advice.

Preparing for Your First Date

“Try not to treat the date like a job interview with a list of questions you check off individually. Just try to get to know the person sitting in front of you…not the polished.” – advises Michelle Lange.

Like many others, you might also be talking to a stranger and trying to find your compatibility. Once you get an interest, the partner vibes start hitting. But how both of you could develop an interest in each other is a real challenge.

“Be Open – With that said, not everything will go according to plan. Being open and flexible to change things will allow you to enjoy the date with your partner as things progress. “- writes Kristal DeSantis.

Here You Need Some Preparations Which May Include:

Where To Go?

Choosing a place for the first date is daunting, where you can talk exclusively. You can go to an amusement park, hiking, skating, museum, etc. Make sure everything is smooth in conversation.

What To Say?

During the first date meeting, you need to ask questions to develop familiarity. Without going out of the box, ask questions that don’t make your partner feel awkward.

“Make sure you’re both on the same page about what you want from your date. Don’t expect to wear your best dress and go out with someone who doesn’t share your interests or values, because it will probably end up feeling like a waste of time for both of you.” – recommends Michelle Giordano.

Further, You Need,

  1. To keep it relaxed yet casual, choose a decent outfit that could surely compliment your face. Wear light makeup. Avoid being overly trendy and emphasize being confident and comfortable.
  2. To not make it more uncomfortable for any of you, give a quick ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello.’ This gesture could calm down the nervousness of your mate.
  3. Let your mate know if you wish to meet again. On the first date, you may need extensions. Without hesitating, make your first move.
  4. To be ready for self-disclosure. When two people start questioning each other mutually, you eliminate even a minute of awkward silence.
  5. Don’t even try to pretend anything, although you should show the positive side more.

First Date Strategies for Women

Anxiety hits differently when the person in front of you is a stranger. It’s irresistible when there is mutual liking between each other. The attitude of women is very tricky. The strategies that every woman should know about are:-

  1. Be on time; it’s your first date, so come on time. When you’re late, it’s just disrespectful to your partner’s time.
  2. Make a good impression with a cute smile. You are confident when you sit with your back straight and shoulder back. It would be best if you kept eye contact.
  3. Don’t even make it like an interview. It would be best to avoid throwing many questions at your partner.
  4. Wear a decent but comfortable outfit. It would be best if you didn’t struggle with your hair, shoes, dress, or accessories.
  5. Talk about your goals. Sharing passion makes dating more fruitful.
  6. Only talk about things of which you’re sure. It would be best if you sounded confident. Avoid these words like ‘maybe,’ a little, “think so,’ etc.
  7. Wait to look up at your phone again and again. Keep it either switched off or silent.
  8. Make an offer to pay the bill. You can either go for bill splitting or at least leave a tip.
  9. Do not talk about other guys. It should be only about you and your partner.
  10. If the person is into you, he will likely contact you. Have patience and wait.

First Date Strategies for Men

“A first date is an initial social or romantic encounter between two individuals who have not previously met. The purpose is often to get to know each other better and assess the potential for a future relationship. The following suggested tips are commendable for a first-time date.” –  reports John Unyime.

  1. Start planning your destination, so you’ll be clear at the last moment or hustle.
  2. A man should always be mindful of touchiness. It could make things way more awkward.
  3. Come on time. It would be even more impressive if you were earlier than your girl.
  4. Don’t even try to curb your caring side. Show her you are protective and loving.
  5. Talk positively. Even if you’re served a half-baked meal in a restaurant, don’t start talking crap. It might make her feel you are arrogant.
  6. Beware of your body language. Girls are the best observers at the same time. Look away from the room, fidget, or use your phone.
  7. If your date wants splitting of bills, you can go for it. But a little protest is a must.
  8. At least do the basics, like showering, shaving, and light perfume. Dress up comfortably.
  9. Give warm and polite compliments to your partner. It would make her insecurities vanish if any.
  10. Be humorous on your first date, and show your funny side. Dating shouldn’t be done like questioning each other. A little joking is a must.
  11. Don’t be overenthusiastic.

Tips for a Successful First Date

Research has suggested that forming a new relationship through dating involves many steps. We go through various 1st date advice or first-date tips during this process. The first date might be trickier compared to others.

“Be smiling and positive. It is important to show that you are in a good mood but not euphoric. Your good mood will make your partner feel good and comfortable in your company.” – advises Ashley Dolan.

It’s nerve-wracking when efforts are made to know about each other and romanticism. Although, it’s on you how you would strategically present yourself. But the question is how successful dating seems.

  1. Develop successful interaction. Despite whatever you speak, would you be able to soothe the nervousness of your mate? If your partner is fluent in talking with you, you can assume you interacted well. Make sure you speak the right things.
  2. Attraction and attention. Your gestures make you attractive. For example, it will be great to welcome your partner with a warning handshake. Don’t look in the other direction or phone.
  3. Don’t be selfish. When you date someone, it’s not only about you. It would be best to decide everything with mutual consultation, or you’ll be toxic.
  4. Be truthful. Trust will always be greater than love. First, you trust, then love. Trust can be influenced by reliability, responsibility, and generosity.
  5. Believe being single is happiness. Last but not least, there is nothing wrong with being single; a person could still be happy being single. Whatever is compatible for you, go for it. Desperately getting into a relationship is a call for troubling tensions.

If you are anxious about your first date, you are not alone. There are lots of people who plan everything from scratch but still have to deal with awkward silences. However, it’s not difficult; you only need good first-date tips, advice, and strategies.


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