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What will you consider the most overwhelming thing in a relationship? When a person stops making efforts to communicate, or your guy stops calling and texting, It isn’t easy to imagine how it feels. The interest varies from moment to moment, but it doesn’t mean to affect the relationship. When it does, assuming the relationship is going fantastic would be only a misconception. Sometimes, even this could be challenging to figure out when he stopped calling or texting. I would probably endure it as he ignored me and tried my best before he stopped taking my calls. But one thing I would emphasize is “never lose your dignity”.

Why Doesn’t He Call or Text Anymore? The Answer to Your Question Might Surprise You

He might promise you, assure you that he would call you, but he doesn’t do so. While dating, everything seemed perfect, but now the relationship is ambiguous.

Dating coach Bobbi Palmer wrote:

“You may have felt connected, but if he doesn’t call again, it’s because he knows something about himself that tells him you’re not a match. He will be doing you a favor.”

The other possible reasons why he doesn’t call or text anymore could be:-

  1. He needs space and time for himself; maybe he wants to cherish his hobbies.
  2. He might be getting overburdened by your frequent calls or texts. It could be pressurizing for him.
  3. He might not know how to express himself. He may not get the right words or is highly thoughtful.
  4. He might be offended or hurt by your words or deeds that resulted in a lack of interest. This is perceived when you determine the difference between how he was dating you and how he is now going.
  5. He is probably busy with his chores, such as office work or family.
  6. He might be chilling with friends.
  7. He might not be well, either physically or mentally. He started ghosting people.
  8. He might start liking someone else or not be interested in you anymore.

5 Possible Reasons Why He Stopped Calling and Texting

Many questions arise, like what to do if he stops calling or texting. But you can step ahead only when you know the reason. Even if my relationship is going smoothly, I should be mindful before he stops taking my calls.

The five possible significant reasons behind this behavior could be the following:

  1. He is upset- Sometimes, you may not realize, but your words or deeds are perceived as hurtful by him. You might silently and emotionally betray him.
  2. He is cheating- As a woman, this is the biggest fear of seeing your guy with another woman. He might try to hide things, keep lying, or stop listening to you.
  3. He isn’t interested- You might frequently text him, but he doesn’t respond to it as he used to when you were dating. He might have some other priorities that keep you behind.
  4. He is suppressed- The possible reason why guys stop calling or texting is he is being hidden under your over-expectations. He might not be ready for what you’ll be forcing.
  5. He isn’t well- He might be either mentally or physically sick. He wants to have some space.

Signs He Wants You To Stop Texting Him. If He Does Any of These, It Might Mean He’s Not Interested

When the relationship isn’t with natural affinity, you could see that your guy doesn’t want to share time with you. He shows sure signs depicting he wants you to stop texting him. These signs could be:-

  1. He is taking too long to reply. Even if his phone is in his hand, he still doesn’t reply or respond to calls.
  2. You are constantly texting him first, but if he doesn’t, then it’s a matter of concern.
  3. When he responds to your text with one-word answers like ‘k,’ ‘lol,’ or ‘yeah,’ these answers give strong hints to you to stop.
  4. He makes excuses when you ask for anything, like going out.
  5. He might change his phone number to get rid of your texts.
  6. You are being kept away by him from his social media accounts. He started hiding his status, pictures, or any update from you.
  7. He asked you to stop texting him. Even his friends would know about it.

Don’t Panic! What To Do When He Stops Calling and Texting

While trying to convince him, don’t go beyond your dignity. Instead of being panicked, all you can do is:-

  • Stop bombarding his phone with texts and calls – When somebody isn’t responding to your readers or calls, you need to stop and think before doing so.
  • Wait for him to respond- You must maintain patience to see if he reverts or responds. But that wait shouldn’t be so long.
  • Don’t share things on social media- Your relationship is not a public affair; you don’t need to talk about this on social media. It might embarrass him.
  • Stay calm and move on- If he never responds to your texts or calls, he doesn’t want to make it out. Staying calm and moving on is the simplest thing you can do.
  • Understand that he doesn’t want to face you- Before your confidence is shaken, you need to realize he is no more interested and doesn’t want to meet you.

When a guy stops calling and texting, the spark of a relationship vanishes. Your mind is thrown with thousands of questions like what to do if he stops calling. A single thought can fill the heart with anxiety. Before you conclude, find out if he has some issues. There might be plenty of reasons which are striking in your relationship. It would help if you did not decide with a disturbed mind; stay calm. Try not to go beyond your dignity and self-respect to convince him to react like before. If he is yours, he’ll go nowhere away from you.

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