Heart, Logic, and Intuition


Following your heart is something that I’ve always believed was the right method for attaining true and meaningful love. Giving and being selfless are two great ways of making that love thrive. We can always do things that are in our power towards getting what we want in life. That is, when we’re willing to put our whole heart and mind into whatever it is. It takes a certain amount of effort and love in order to even maintain something special, even once we get it. But at the end of the day, one thing tends to be a problem for many, and that’s the simple fact that we go with our hearts, leaving out any bit of logic.

Although it’s great to follow your heart, we also need to be wise with our choices in life. We should definitely go with our hearts, but we also need to think hard and be logical about BIG decisions , so that we live with as little regret in life as possible. We should make big decisions in life based on love, logic, and our intuition. We should do things because they’re right, and not simply because we solely choose to live our lives in a beautiful heart filled world, not using our logic whatsoever. Logic and intuition are two insanely important factors when it comes to making big and important decisions, and especially when those decisions will affect our future.

Going with our hearts, and without using our logic or being smart when it comes to picking a match can be a very careless decision if we’re not careful. Two people can be crazy and madly in love with one another, but also be completely incompatible, or simply the wrong match for one another. Perhaps two people are in love, but ultimately want different things, or perhaps they don’t have any common interests or even have completely different ways of thinking. Picking a match is something that we should do with our hearts but also with logic. There should be a good balance between the two.

Having said all of the above, it’s important to remember that looking great on paper, or picking a partner to be with because of any reason other than love is wrong and the worst thing that anyone can do. So just know that looking good on paper or being with someone who’s a great catch, but not necessarily a great match or worse, when the love isn’t there first and foremost is a total waste and a total mistake. Make sure that the love is there first, and then be logical about moving forward and exploring a deeper love and connection by being logical about whether or not someone is the right match for you.

You should never have to force the right situation to work. New relationships should pretty much flow for the most part, especially early on. And a few bumps in the road or seeing that there are challenging situations early on is more than normal, but when you see that nothing seems to run smooth, or that logically, you’re on completely different pages, going at a different pace, or that ultimately you want different things in life, you might have to put a stop to those magical loving feelings and use your logic. But then again, when you see that things tend to flow, and that you love one another and logically, you just make sense, my blessings to you both, and by all means, love hard, and be willing to fight forward.

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