Wear Your Favourite Designs Imprinted on Your T-Shirts



How often have you wanted to get a t-shirt which has the design of your favorite superhero imprinted on it? Or how often have to want to flaunt your fandom through your apparel? It may be an irksome task to come across a garment store which will offer you exactly what you desire. Does that mean that you have to remain deprived of all desires? Definitely not.

To solve this problem, there are a number of companies that offer customization services. Through different printing methods, these companies offer to serve customized t-shirts to the customers so that they can wear their favorite designs imprinted on their t-shirts.

Different Kinds of Methods That Can Be Used for Printing


There is a wide range of techniques which can be used for making the imprints on t-shirts. The customers are becoming savvier with each passing day. They are aware of the different methods that are available for printing. The t-shirt printing companies should be equipped with various techniques which can satisfy the needs of the different customers.

Screen Printing

This is the method of printing custom t-shirts which has the most number of advantages. This technique is also known as silkscreen printing. To print a custom t-shirt using this method, a nylon mesh and a stencil are required. The stencil is set up and then secured and held in position with the help of the nylon mesh. Waterproof material helps to keep the negative space secured where the design is to be imprinted. The negative space is the part which is permeable for the dye. The ink is then made to flood into the screen. This technique is ideally suited for creating custom t-shirts of very high quality. Companies use this technique for producing custom t-shirts in large quantities.

Dye Sublimation


This technique of t-shirt printing works the best on light fabrics and shirts. In order to derive the best results out of this technique, one needs to have a deep understanding of the method of dye sublimation. To execute this procedure, a dye of a particular kind is required. The liquid quickly dries up as soon as it comes in contact with the polyester material. Once the ink is dried up, it places itself on the fabric. Heat and pressure are then applied to the print so that sublimation takes place. It is an excellent technique that is used for printing designs on materials like polyester.

Direct to a Garment:

This is another technique that is quite popular among hobbyists. Although it is a secure method, it takes skills and knowledge to execute the process flawlessly. One needs ink and a textile printer for DTG printing. The technique is similar to the working of a paper printer in any office, the only difference being that the ink is imprinted on the fabric. This helps to create creativity and uniqueness on the custom t-shirts. This technique is ideally suited for highly complex designs.

Vinyl Cutting


In this technique, a soft kind of clothing is cut into a particular design or shape and is then transferred to a shirt. The designs are then gently placed onto the t-shirts with the help of the heat press technique. With the help of this technique, one can manufacture a large number of custom t-shirts. It is the best method that can be used for printing garments in bulk.

You can experiment a great deal with your t-shirt designs if you get hold of the proper t-shirt printing technology. Custom t-shirts are the trend of tomorrow!


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