What Are the Differences Between Polyamory and Open Relationships?



The word “Polyamory” is a directly translated word from the Greek language for “several” or “many”, the Latin translation for it is “love”. This should give you a good idea of what this type of relationship entails when the translated words are place together with each other. In other words, it means many or several loves. In today’s modern world, it would mean someone who is in a relationship and intimate with more than one individual or partner.

Those that follow this belief in what many people refer to as an “open relationship”. Of course, the consent all parties involved must be given, otherwise, well, you’re just cheating the other person. This does not mean that the relationship is not a deep and meaningful or committed one because, in fact, a lot of people have revealed that they feel even more committed to these types of relations rather than the traditional monogamous ones. For further information, you can tap into this source for an interesting read.

Handling This Kind of Commitment Skillfully

Many a relationship coach has had experience with all the various types of relations and reveals that there typically is no one set way of describing this term and that to some, such a scenario can be both confusing and liberating at the same time.

The two-fold advantage and disadvantage of this are it can be liberating because it gives everyone the upper hand to create and work in the relationship, and add some spark to it, on the other hand, it can be confusing because if done on your own, it can be confusing to those who don’t see it on the same level and won’t know how to go about creating it and planning things.

Therefore, we have put together this article for you, to help give some sense of direction. Not only on the information about it, but also giving you some ideas on which platforms are open to it, so if you are looking, you can easily go on there and join the millions of subscribers who are into it, making you feel right at home. The thing to establish here is there is quite a difference between an open relationship, a polyamory one, and perhaps something like swinging.

An “Open Relationship”

Those who seek to find these kinds of associations, usually agree from the beginning to go into it only if they find it a suitable arrangement with everyone involved. They can be three-fold scenarios in this, either they can agree to see each other together as a group, or combine two people only, or they can arrange to keep things separate and never see the other person involved, at all.

This is one of the types that does not necessarily seek to have an emotional, sexual, or romantic connection but each person decides what they want from it and it is a normal agreement to put in place what the other parties want from it. So, it could either be a combination of all three, or just one thing, and sometimes even just a companionship is enough. It will all depend on the desires and personal needs.

A Polyamory Scenario

As mentioned above this is like an open affiliation but rather closer in definition to making love to more than one person. This is a very freeing type of scenario as the reason why it appeals to many people is that it offers the chance for those involved to be free with themselves and with the others. So, similarly to the open type of relation, this one allows people to be who they are and being open to having a healthy connection with others rather than a closed one.

Ethical monogamy for instance can sometimes put a lot of pressure on those in it, and a lot of people stick with one person because they may feel this is the only way. However, with the Polyamory, if it’s an open-kind then you are free to take on anyone else you desire such as from the various choices of platforms online, visit this website to find out more. However, there are also closed kinds, which involve only the three or four of you. The nice thins is there is no hierarchy and everyone is of equal status, and there is no primary role or secondary role of anyone.

Sometimes you find yourself having so much love and companionship to give others that this is the only type of situation that can satisfy you. Other times, what you cannot get from one person, you can easily get from another harmlessly and comfortably. When we live in a world that emphasizes only the monogamous relations, it is hard to come to terms with this newish concept, but it exists and has been a very successful thing for many people.

Other times when you are truly interested but not sure how to go about doing it, besides visiting the relation coach or sexual advisor, you can join the multiple platforms available for single people looking for a bit of something away from the norm, throughout the world, some of which have been mentioned below. Not all of them emphasize only on this kind but they do have elements of it included that you may find to your liking, and some of the subscribers are open to it too:

  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Be Naughty
  • OK Cupid
  • Polyamory Date
  • Seeking Arrangement

It is about self-acceptance, to be honest, and knowing to love yourself and see yourself not only stuck with one person your entire life but in enjoying yourself with people from different walks of life, you live, you grow and you learn more about others and yourself in a synchronized manner. The idea is not to take advantage of the people and the situations and be capable of being mature and open to feelings and different activities of enjoyment. There is no shame in it, everyone needs love or companionship and to bond with others, it’s all about acceptance, patience, and flexibility.

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