Your Guide to New Your City: Live It up Like a Local



Glamorous, vibrant, and crowded—some might call it
a concrete jungle, but others will say it’s the best place on earth. One thing is certain, though—it’s an exciting place to visit. The locals live at a head-spinning pace that will leave you breathless, but if you do manage to keep up, you’ll get to see some pretty spectacular things. Are you heading out to New York soon? You must be wondering what’s there to do! For those in need of good suggestions, here are some ways you can explore this city and enjoy it like a local.

Cheap Museums


For a tourist, museums are usually a mixed blessing. They offer a fascinating insight into the culture and history of the country, but the entrance can be so expensive you can’t help thinking that money could have been better spent elsewhere. Fortunately, not all NYC museums are exorbitantly priced, and there’s one little trick you should be on the lookout for—find places that have a “Suggested General Admission” sign on them. Locals know that this means that, on specific days, a museum won’t have a set entrance fee. You can pay a small donation to enter and enjoy the whole place! The Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan, and MoMA can all be seen this way.

Enjoy Some Brunch

New Yorkers are really into brunching, and if you’ve never had a full-on lazy brunch, now’s your time to try it. Get up late on Sunday, put on a fancy outfit, and go to one of the
famed eateries like Locanda Verde or Red Rooster for a luxurious experience. If you want something inexpensive and fun, go to Dimes and enjoy their excellent sandwiches. Brunching isn’t just about food, it’s about the whole experience of taking it slow, eating out late, and enjoying a few moments of peace while people are bustling around you.

Get Boozy Cocktails

No one
does cocktails better than New York City. There are absolutely famous for it and you can find a ton of bars like the Campbell and Attaboy that will charm you with their atmosphere and let you enjoy some boozy goodness. However, an even better way to experience cocktails is by attending or hosting a private party! The locals love making exclusive parties and it’s the one place where you can truly experience the expertise of a professional mixologist in NYC in its full glory. Try an Old Fashioned and enjoy feeling like Don Draper, or go for the famous Manhattan if you’re in the mood for something traditional. If you want to get in touch with your inner Carrie Bradshaw, go for a Cosmo!

Free Art


While most art galleries aren’t free, there is one thing that won’t cost a dime to see—street art. If you’re a fan of the urban, then head over to Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn, or Astoria in Queens and you’ll see very authentic artwork on the brick walls, made by young people, particularly young people of color. The pictures show a great deal of talent, but they also showcase raw, unfiltered emotion and manage to conjure up very vivid images in the observer. If you truly want to experience NYC, this is not to be missed.

Take the Subway

Skip the double-decker buses that are going around and giving tours and head straight for the subway—like a true New Yorker! Get a MetroCard and you’ll have transportation 24/7 and be able to get pretty much anywhere, but in order to make it easier, you should learn the subway maps. If you do get lost, most people will be able to help you and point the right way, but do
be wary of pickpockets because you have them in every major city. Keep your bag close and be alert.

Find the Perfect Cup of Coffee


There are a ton of chain store coffee shops in NYC, but locals tend to skip them. If you want a really good cup of quality coffee, go to smaller places like Everyman Espresso, Joe the Art of Coffee, Blue Bottle, and La Colombe. Freshly-roasted beans are worth the wait, so sit down, grab a slice of cake, and sip your cup of joe in peace.

New York has pretty much anything a person might want, except for peace and quiet. Visiting this city might not be a good idea if you want a slow, sleepy vacation, but if you’re looking for an adventure then this is a great choice. Book your trip and enjoy this urban, exuberant experience!


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