Why Smart Parents Teach Their Kids About the Internet and Its Uses



Most of us use the Internet frequently throughout the day, whether for work, education, shopping, or socializing. Kids are learning the importance of the Internet by watching their parents and using online programs at school. To protect children from the inappropriate areas of online access, wise parents are teaching their kids about Internet safety.

Set Clear Boundaries

Smart parents don’t give their children unlimited Internet access. Child health experts recommend giving kids thirty to sixty minutes of screen time daily. This includes the computer screen, tablets, and cell phone apps. To monitor usage, some moms and dads or caregivers establish a specific time for Internet use, such as right after homework or before dinner. After that, the computer is turned off, and the tablet or phone is put up for the evening. Kids can then understand the wisdom of using the Internet in limited ways and not let it dominate their lives.

Use the Internet With Them

Sitting with your child and playing an online game or supervising homework is a great way for parents to see how their kids interact with the Internet. Parents can find out if kids use the information responsibly without looking up answers to quizzes or tests. The adults will also discover whether their children take every word literally online and if they interpret and apply the information appropriately. This strategy can also help when kids start using social media, which experts suggest should be used by teenagers rather than younger children.

Set a Good Example

Parents can be positive role models for using the internet by spending a limited amount of time online each day. The adults can be careful with talking frequently about what they saw, read, or did on the Internet, which would suggest to kids how important the Internet is to adults. Instead, parents can balance the information shared with kids from various sources, including books, films, and personal experiences. Setting an example will go a long way to help teach your children the right way to use the Internet. Kids learn by watching, so be sure to be on your best behavior and use your best judgment while showing them how to surf the web.

Apply Blockers and Restrictions

Computer, tablet, or phone blockers can be switched on to help kids understand there are Internet sites they should not visit. Parents might choose to inform their children about the blockers and restrictions to demonstrate parental care and guidance for their kids, which will enhance the young ones’ sense of security. This is something to think about, as it directly affects your children in lots of ways every single day. Using age restrictive blockers is a great way to help keep your children safe on the Internet. Not everything on the Internet is for kids, so be sure these are in place as soon as possible.

The Internet is a wonderful place filled with all kinds of useful information. But young children who are just learning to navigate the Web as they learn how to find things need their parents to provide guidance and protection for effective Internet use.


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