30 Ways to Know You’ve Found the One


Sometimes we’re lucky enough to experience love. Let’s say that we find that special person in our life in with whom we feel stands out from all of the rest. There are so many ways to tell that they’re different from all others that you’ve previously dated. At times, you might even feel that nothing before the point of meeting that special someone has even remotely compared to what it’s like now. Perhaps it’s more than how you feel when you’re with the person, but more so, just a gut, instinctive feeling that makes you know that they’re the one. When everything seems right in a relationship, despite how good it is, sometimes people don’t know if they’ve found the one. Perhaps they’re unsure whether or not they should take things to the next level, and get even more serious. I wrote this article for those people, and to shed some light onto some main points so it can be easier to tell whether or not you’ve found the one.

The list:

The fire and chemistry is there.

They want what’s best for you. Even if they get the short end of the stick at times, they want you to succeed in every positive aspect of your life. 

They make you a priority.

They put effort into the relationship, and they do things that will make you happy.

They’re playful with you. You have fun together, and are able to laugh at the little things in life. They become your best friend.

They believe in you. They have faith in you as a person, and they see you as a person of honour. They respect you.

 You trust each other. They’re open book with you, and share what goes on in their day to day life. They’re not afraid to talk with you, and share things that are important to them. 

They come to you when they need you. They confide in you, and feel close to you.

They have great open book communication with you. It goes both ways. You feel their closeness from the way that you communicate together.

You’re there for each other in good and bad times. You can depend on each other.

You feel the desire to bring them into your social life, and include them. You might even desire for them to meet your family.

You feel passion with them. The passion is routed not only from sexual attraction, but from the feelings that have been developing as you’ve gotten to know them on a deeper level. The passion you feel for them is mutual, and it’s all based on love.

You share mutual complete honesty, and you believe what each other says and does, because it’s sincere, genuine, and honest. You give each other the benefit of the doubt. You trust each other.

They make you feel the desire to be a better person. They inspire you. They push you to go a little further. They believe in you, and want you to reach for the stars. They support you on that journey.

You feel like you can be your authentic self. You don’t feel as if you have to show off, impress them, or be anything other than the real you.

They may like you all dolled up and pristine. But, they love you all natural.

You genuinely love spending time with them. It’s never about where you go or what you do, because you both feel that it’s about the person, not the place.

You’ve traveled with them, and have returned from the destination without turmoil or breaking up.

They’re understanding and sensitive towards you and your needs.

They’re willing to and have worked on any issues that you may have together through great communication. They nip things in the bud with you, and talk things out, rather than let them develop into bigger unresolved issues. They’re always willing to work on improving the relationship with you.

They love you at your best and they love you at your worst. Their love feels unconditional (or as close to unconditional as possible, being that true unconditional love is usually between a child and its parent).

They make time for you. They don’t make excuses for why they don’t contact you or why they don’t see you enough.

 They’re selfless. They put your needs above their own.

They embrace your differences, and don’t try to change them or you, unless it’s for the better. You might not like or enjoy all of the same things in life as far as activities and whatnot, but you support each other regardless.

You laugh together, you smile together, and you even might catch yourself smiling at the world when you daydream or reminisce about shared moments of joy with them.

You feel a sense of peace and stability. For those who tend to feel the heat when under pressure, the pressure seems bearable, manageable, and easier to take with the person.

You can imagine growing old together and being happy.

You ultimately want the same things in life. Your goals and dreams line up nicely.

 The intimacy is dead on! The kiss is there (if you know what I mean).

 Last, but not least, you can’t, or you simply don’t want to let go of the other person. You can’t imagine your life without them in it with you, each and every day. You see them as ‘the one.’

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