4 Simple Ways to Update an Old Home for a 21st Century Look



Purchasing an older home can be a great investment and can save you from having to spend loads of money on a new one. However, after time you may find that you are tired of that old century look. Here are four simple things that you can do to your old home to update it to the 21st-century style.

1. Put Down Vinyl Flooring

One of the easiest ways to transform the look of any room in your home is to update the flooring. Depending on when your home was built, it may still have its original carpet, which is likely just not in style anymore. Fortunately, there are many plank flooring options out there today such as vinyl and laminate. These can be installed by the average homeowner and they’re fairly inexpensive. Once you get started, you’ll want to use them in all the rooms of your home.

2. Put Up Mosaic Tile

Just like with flooring, the walls in your home are simple to update in a unique way. Transforming the look of the main rooms of your home can be done with some tiling. Mosaic tiles are a modern choice that can be installed right over existing, outdated looking tile. You can opt to use
wall tile or floor tile. Both can modernize the look of your home. Consider sticking with earth tones as they tend to possess more of a modern look.

3. Change Out Light Fixtures

If you walk through older homes, you’ll likely notice a lot of the same light fixtures. There weren’t as many options back in the day as there are right now. While some light fixtures will look rustic and antique, many will likely appear tacky and cheap. Consider switching your light fixtures out for more modern ones. Even upgrading to LED can help to brighten up the interior of your home. If you’re feeling over rambunctious, you can upgrade to recessed lighting as it will give your home a more higher-class, modern feel.

4. Upgrade Hardware

Updating an old home can be done very easily by changing out the hardware used throughout it. Change out cabinet hardware for a newer look of fashionable brushed nickel or black. Consider changing out switch plates for outlets and wall switches to a bright white. There’s nothing that ages a home worse than those faded, ugly tan wall switch plates. It is not recommended to paint over old wall covers or light switches as this makes it difficult to replace them in the future.

If you’re currently tired of living in your older home but don’t have the money to purchase a 21st century home, then upgrading is a great option. These above are just some of the various methods you can use to transform the look of your home from old and run down to modern and new. Regardless of what your budget is, there are always a few simple and affordable options that you can utilize to make a big difference in the appearance and style of your home.


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