4 Relationship Rules That All Couples Should Follow


Life is about happiness, not about always being right. Shalom bayit is a Jewish term that means peace in the house. In Judaism, as well as in many other religions I’m sure, having a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation is imperative to have in the home. Especially, when there are many people living in the home, and even more so, if a couple has hopes in having, and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship or marriage.

1. Make Peace in the Home a Priority

Despite a person’s religion, and despite whether they’re in a relationship living together or married, if both people concentrate on maintaining a sense of peace in their relationship, despite any disagreements or arguments that may occur, they won’t get as bad, and definitely won’t become volatile in any way. You see, when you make a point of having peace and calm in your home, that becomes a priority. Couples are going to argue. There’s really no way of getting around arguments, because at some point or another, disagreements are bound to happen.

Even when couples make an extra effort in keeping a sense of peace in their home, they’re still going to argue at times. As well, depending upon how they handle arguments and disagreements, those fights can be prolonged, and even last for an extended period of time, although they really don’t have to. As well, depending on how a couple handles their disagreements, they’ll either be comparable to little bumps in the road, or they can end up comparable to an entire street of destruction.

The whole reason to be in a relationship, and even more so, to be married to someone is to acquire more happiness in life. The point of life is happiness. Having a partner in life is supposed to be something that brings about more joy, happiness, and love into your life, not less. Relationships should never involve continuous and prolonged arguments. When things bother you or your partner, you should learn to nip things in the bud, as to resolve issues while they’re new and likely smaller. The quicker a couple is able to resolve their issues when they disagree on something, the better off they’ll be.

2. Right or Wrong, Who Cares

At the first sign of arguments, it’s important to understand that no one is always going to be right. But even more importantly, couples should truly know and understand the fact that it doesn’t really matter who’s right or wrong in relationships. Having peace in the home is much more imperative, than winning an argument or being right all of the time. Being right all the time isn’t going to get you or your partner anywhere in life. As well, it’s definitely not going to bring about more happiness for you and your partner as a couple.

Remember folks, we’re talking about having long-term happiness, and being able to share your life with someone you love, and in the happiest way possible. If your main concern and priority is maintaining the happiness for you, your partner, and for your relationship to be happy so that you’ll both feel at peace with one another, you should focus more on how to remain happy, as opposed to who’s right or wrong when you get into fights. Think about it. What’s your real goal in life? No one should be egotistical and arrogant to the point where they lose the fact of what really matters in life. If you want to live a predominantly happy life with your partner, then you should try and concentrate on different things that can bring about more joy and life into your beautiful world.

3. Focus on the Positive, and Appreciate What You Have

Don’t focus on the negative, the problems, or the things that your relationship lacks. Instead, concentrate on what you can do to make you, your partner, and your relationship a better one. Always work on improving your relationship from its core. That means adding to it by doing your share of things, putting effort into giving, and making the time to show your partner how much they mean to you. We should always make the time for our partner by being there for them in times of need, in times of desire, at times just to listen to them, and to always be their absolute best friend.

Our partner should be a priority to us, and we should value their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and be appreciative for the mere fact of having such a beautiful gift in our lives. One of the best ways of creating more happiness in relationships is by being appreciative of what you, your partner, and the relationship has. When we lack appreciation for what we have in life, many times the result and outcome is a deteriorated relationship that you can likely compare to a wilted flower.

4. Comparing Your Partner and Your Relationship to Others

You shouldn’t have to compare your partner to anyone else. As well, you shouldn’t have to compare your relationship to anyone else’s. There’s no contest that you’re trying to win, so if you’re the type of person that feels the need to compare yourself and how your life is to others, you’re never going to find true and genuine happiness. Genuine happiness comes from within, and never from beating someone at a test or achieving more than another. If anything, if you’re the type of person that appreciates the failure in others, you have a lot of deep soul-searching that you’re going to have to do, because kindness and love are two of the main core ingredients in being happy.

You can’t expect to be truly happy by beating another person at something or winning. Don’t compare your relationship to other relationships or even your marriage to other marriages. As well, stop comparing your partner to others when it comes to what your partner does for you or how they act, etc., because this won’t help bring more happiness into your life. Again, your main focus should be on how to bring more happiness and peace into your life. Don’t be so concerned with others. The grass isn’t greener, so simply appreciate what you have, and be thankful.

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