Shabbat Shalom and Inner Peace



We work hard all week. And that’s why it’s so imperative that we give ourselves a chance to detox, relax, and bring clarity to our minds, our hearts, thoughts, and all that we’ve experienced throughout our week. We need a moment, and a day so that we can feel revived for when we start out another week. It’s important to give ourselves this day, and this moment to recover from your past, to feel fresh, rejuvenated, and to bring life back into our very own being.

This is why vacations, traveling, and just getting away for a day trip or a small adventure can be so helpful once in awhile. We need that chance, that moment, to feel at ease and relaxed from all of our concerns and things that we feel anxious about on a daily basis. We all deserve happiness, and yes, each and every one of us deserves to feel happy, loved, and whole. When I wish you all a Shabbat Shalom, I do so with all of my heart, but not solely directed at the Jewish community, my Jewish friends, and my family, but I wish a Shabbat Shalom to all people of any race, religion, or ethnicity, coming from an open place in which I want you all to feel and experience so that you may find peace.

Find peace in a moment, feel calm in your heart, and embrace a worriless feeling so that you’ll feel good on the inside, and so that you’ll shine on your exterior. Remember to smile, love your life, and feel good. Focus on the positives, and on the things that you have, and not what you lack. Appreciate all that you have, all those that you love, and treat yourself well, and be kind to others. Be kind not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it will bring you a type of inner joy that you deserve. When I say to spread love everywhere and to love hard I mean it, and I mean it with the purest of intentions. When I say to do such, I’m saying to be the best version of yourself, to spoil yourself at times, and to love the people that surround you, and to do so with all of your might.

Being kind, honest, and loving is truly easy. And it’s the negativity, the cruelty, and the dishonesty that takes hard work. Speaking of hard work, but more so, the kind of hard work that will take you far in life, you need to love hard, and give your all to your partner, to your children, and to your families. Strive to put effort into every little thing that you care about in life, and never leave any of your priorities out. Feel balanced, and realize how much balance and feeling centered is going to help you in your life to feel happy, content, and strong. Be resilient, never give up, and never lose your faith, your hope, or your enthusiasm for life. Take a breath, a moment, and a day just for you.

Give yourself time to recover, even if it’s merely for a day.
You work hard all week, despite if it’s in business, and dealing with situations, giving advice, or even working on your personal relationships. You work hard as a homemaker just as much as you work hard outside of the home, at your desk, or in your office, etc. Put your best foot forward, think with optimism, and strive for perfection. Don’t listen to those that try to bring you down, or take you out of your zone towards achieving your goals.

Strive for success, but the kind of success that I’m referring to is success in life, and not merely your job that you’ll get paid for. Strive for success in a balanced manner, were you focus your attention on everything that’s important to you in life including your marriage and your relationship, how you raise your children, and even your friendships. Keep an open heart, make friends easy, and give your light and love to anyone that crosses your path. And do so by being approachable, feeling content, at peace, and in a state of Zen.  And remember to smile.

Shabbat Shalom.

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2 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom and Inner Peace

  1. ☺☺amen! Shalom and Shabbat Shalom to all. Give The Eternal One all the glory!
    And Yom Yerushalayim ..EL EL ISRAEL!

    Stay blessed Anne. You are a gift “: )

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