4 Ways to Prepare for the Process of Building Your First Home



Building your first home is an exciting process, but it can also be daunting. A lot goes into a home build and there are many things that can go wrong while your house is being constructed. However, with a little preparation on your part, you will find that the build will happen much more smoothly.

1. Create an Exhaustive Budget

Before even beginning your home build, it is important to have a detailed budget completed, one that is as exhaustive as possible. This means calculating everything you might spend over the life of the build. Doing so will keep you ahead of the financial pressures associated with building a house.

Make sure you don’t leave anything out while listing your expenses, no matter how small. And don’t forget to check sample budgets online to see if you are being realistic with your numbers. This step is especially important for first-time buyers. You won’t know what to expect when it comes to expenses and the small unplanned details that come up.

2. Thoroughly Research Professionals

Before hiring anyone to perform tasks for your build (from architects and designers to foundation builders), make sure to do as much research as possible on potential contractors and sub-contractors. This includes checking out their home page, YELP page, and any other sites with information regarding how these professionals perform their services.

While on these web pages, take the time to read as many reviews as you can, because former clients are a wealth of information when it comes to a professional’s services. You can find out more details about the people you hire through personal recommendations as well. Friends, family, and neighbors have likely worked with different contractors or designers that they can vouch for.

3. Do Some Reading

You may not be involved in the actual home build itself, but you will find it extremely helpful to read up on the different processes involved in homebuilding. The more you know about what is happening, the better able you will be to make decisions. You may even enjoy some of the reading selections, whether they are about soil removal or framing. This will help you communicate what you want to your designer. They will also be impressed with all of your knowledge.

4. Talk to Other 1st Time Home Builders

One of the best ways to prepare for your build is to chat with those who have already gone through it. You can find these individuals online in various home building forums such as Houzz.  Also, there may be a group in your area that is centered on home building. If so, drop in on their next meeting. Consider finding classes for first-time buyers or builders as well.

Yes, the process of constructing a house is a huge task, but it is not formidable. All you need is a little preparation. With that, you will be able to face your home build a little more relaxed and with more confidence. Make sure your first home is just how you envisioned and use the above 4 tips.


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