How to Meditate When You Just Can’t Relax



Meditation provides many benefits to your life. It can help you refocus and regain a sense of spiritual well-being. While meditation can help you relax, some people find that they need to relax in order to meditate in the first place. If you have a hard time relaxing and meditating, don’t fear. There are ways to relax to make your meditative practice easier. Here are some recommendations from experts for ways to have better relaxation before you meditate. By following these tips, you will be able to better tap into your natural rhythm and connect with your self better. Here are some ways to help you meditate when you just can’t relax.

Listen to Soothing Music

As a general rule, anything that helps you calm down can be helpful in meditation. Listening to soothing music, for instance, can help you to relax while you are trying to meditate. For many individuals, instrumental music is the best choice, but some individuals enjoy listening to music that has lyrics. You can experiment with different types of music until you find a variety that can help you to relax. As an alternative, white noise like ocean waves or rain can also help your brain unwind and relax.

Wear Silencing Headphones

Some people relax better with some sort of stimulus like music; others do better if there is no sound at all. If the noise from inside or outside your home is preventing relaxation, then you can buy silencing headphones. These devices are made to fit over your ears to keep you from hearing any sounds. The reduction of noise can help you to relax so that you can begin to meditate without any distractions. Instead of headphones, you could also try earplugs as a cheaper, though less noise-canceling alternative.

Floating on Water

If stress is proving to be a more constant problem, float therapy can help you to relax. It involves relaxing in a float tank with calming lights and music. With the sensory deprivation in this type of tank, you will only have your mind to cope with, helping you to achieve ultimate relaxation. This can help you to have an improvement in your meditative practices. Floating helps you disconnect from your physical surroundings and reconnect with your mental, emotional, and physical state.

Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

There are fragrances that can help you to relax, so you can use a burning scented candle or an essential oil diffuser to help with your meditation. Some of the most popular relaxing scents include rose, bergamot orange or lavender. With a diffuser, you can spread these scents through a room to slowly help your relaxation throughout the day.

Practice Deep Breathing

When you learn certain types of deep-breathing techniques, you can become relaxed much faster in order to begin your meditative practice. There are online websites and DVDs where experts can teach you specialized breathing methods for relaxation before meditation. These breathing techniques can help to clear the difficult thoughts from your mind so that you can meditate without any intrusive thoughts.

Enroll in a Meditation Class

If you are having problems with relaxation before meditating, then you should consider joining a class to learn more about the practice. A meditation teacher can teach you more about the different methods required for relaxation. There are, in the end, many different ways to involve meditation in your life.

There are many ways for people to find inner peace and serenity that comes with meditation. Practice some of these expert tips to help you unlock your full potential and relax so you can meditate.


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