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Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to decorate absolutely everything in your home. Since you’re already busy getting everything in the holiday spirit, why not decorate the outdoors as well? Give yourself and your neighbours something festive to look at by making your backyard and garden as cheerful as possible. If you’re short on ideas, here are a couple that lots of Australian homeowners are trying out this season.

1. Highlight the Natural Scenery

A lot of people would hesitate when decorating their yard or garden because it’s already gorgeous enough to look at. However, this is the wrong way to look at it. Instead of asking how you can preserve the natural beauty of your outdoor area, ask yourself how you can add to it with decorations. There’s nothing that a bit of design and decorating can’t make even better.

That gorgeous tree in your yard could use a bit of a festive touch. Installing lights that go around the branches and leaves would turn it into one giant Christmas tree, no matter what kind of tree it is. Intricate branch wrapping should also be considered. Add a little extra colour and texture to your yard and you’ll find that it will add to the
holiday spirit by quite a bit.

2. Use Leftover Planting Pots

Winter is not a pleasant time for a lot of plants. Some of your more delicate plants will require extra shelter once the cold weather starts rearing its head. You’re probably going to remove a lot of the potted plants from the garden and put them inside your home. At the very least, you’re going to want to give them some form of cover.

This leaves you with a lot of unused pots that could be made useful once again. Why not make them a decorative addition to your garden? Fill them with some evergreen plants that will last you through the winter. They might look extra festive
with some decorations, so consider those as well.

3. Keep the Doorway Festive


The entrance to your home should be one of the first things that signal the start of the season. Spruce it up in a literal and figurative sense. You should add a wraith and hang some lights to surround the entrance and keep it in the Christmas spirit. Keep some evergreen plants around the doorway to add a little natural touch. Spruce with some decorations would be a good choice.

Slip the tree into a spare pot you have and make it look nice and colourful. Some ribbons would be a much-welcome addition to the spruce. Even when the season is over, you’ll have a wonderful, living reminder of your holiday efforts.

4. Cover the Decorations

Many of your outdoor decorations are going to be vulnerable to the elements. You’re probably going to want some lights and interesting greenery keeping your outdoor area festive. What do you do when the weather starts burying everything under inches of snow?

The simplest solution would be to keep them covered throughout the season. Many Australian homeowners have found that adding a pergola with some awnings can help create a festive zone in the backyard. A retractable awning might be even better, as it would allow you to use this area during warmer weather as well. You can find lots of different covers in a local Sydney awning store, you just need to know what kind of awning you need. Keep the decorations safe from snow and they’ll shine and remain festive throughout the season.

5. Organize a Warm Welcome


Greet passerby with some gorgeous sights this holiday season. It’s as simple as adding decorations to some everyday parts of your outdoor area. Take the mailbox, for example. Surprise the mailman by turning it into a gingerbread house. Hang a couple of Christmas lights outside of the birdhouse. The birds won’t care much for it, but you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Accent everything with a few pinecones and red accents. These small touches will mean a lot, even though they won’t take a lot of effort to organize. Plus, they go well with your other decorations.

Bringing your outdoors into the holiday spirit is pretty easy. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make it look like the most festive yard in your neighbourhood. Introduce some of these small changes to your outdoor area and you’re going to enjoy a wonderful sight throughout the season. When combined with a nice interior, you’ll get through the holidays with the most possible cheer.

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