Malibu Sunshine – Here I come


One of the best ways to feel good, to feel better, and to give yourself a moment of peace, is to go on a journey to somewhere where you’ll feel the most relaxed. The place I like to go is the beach. Especially, in Malibu, California. There’s no beach in LA that I’ve gone to that gives me peace to the extent that Malibu beaches do. And although there are many beaches in Malibu, I chose to go to the one I’m most familiar with, Malibu Creek. What started out as a simple picnic and some relaxing time at the beach, turned out to be that, and more with a short but sweet photo shoot.

Here are some pictures from my latest shoot in Malibu. As with all photos, some are simply better in black and white, so I decided to mix it up.

As far as some of the nature shots being simple, well, in fact, they are, because I find an immense amount of beauty in the little things. Nature has a way of being its beautiful self without even trying. 

Now, what would a Malibu beach photo shoot be, without a few pictures of the ocean, surfers, and some beautiful birds.

That’s the end of this photo shoot in Malibu. These were taken yesterday, July 14, 2017, and on such a beautiful day. Now remember, as I’d mentioned in my last article (click here), recently, I’ve been taking most of my own shots myself, using an iPhone 6. So as far as this shoot goes, they’re all selfies so to speak, although I can’t stand that word. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, and although at times I will have photographers take some of me, this is a fun hobby for me and I’m happy that I have my blog to share it with you. Have a great rest of your week, and remember, do things that make you feel good and that bring you peace. 

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