The Power of Having Pure Intentions



Pure intentions— I’ve written about them before, but I’m suddenly feeling the desire to continue on, what I thought said enough of the first time. Knowing what you want in a partner, and a friend, and in life is imperative. When you go into any situation, you should do so with the purest of intentions, and by pure, I mean by being honest, direct, and letting a person know what your true motive is.


Nothing is worse than when someone has ulterior motives or some game plan that you’re completely unaware of. When someone tells you that they have certain expectations or that they want or don’t want certain things, listen to what they say, and don’t hear what you want to hear, sweeping what they’re telling you under the rug, because you’d prefer to hear or believe something else. For example, when someone tells you that they don’t think of you as “marriage material” for them, or when someone tells you that they’re not looking for anything “serious” right now, believe them. Of course, these are just two examples.


Over the years, and on a personal level, I’ve found it to be quite the struggle to make good friendships and even more so, to keep them. I don’t deny that me being to blame, at least in some partial way, is possible. I’m also not sure if the reason is because I’m living in Los Angeles. I’ve definitely seen my share in the dating scene that have lacked pure and honest intentions, but even when it comes to having friends that are male. They’ll say that they’re O.K. with friendship, when truly, they have some other motive, desire, and whatever else on their mind. It’s truly unfortunate, because this is how friendships end, and sometimes very suddenly.


It’s hard enough to be in a healthy and loving relationship, or even to make a good friend, let alone to open your heart, be authentic, and feel vulnerable enough to let yourself develop feelings for someone, whether friendship or romantically. And then have that friendship or relationship come to an end, because someone wasn’t honest from the get-go. I’m going to write this in bold letters so that no particular person takes it personally, because this is something that I’ve experienced over, and over, and yes, over again.


Nothing is worse than letting yourself be vulnerable enough to develop feelings for someone, and getting hurt, because their intentions weren’t pure. Therefore, I wanted to give a little advice to those reading this, and that would be to think about what you say before you say it, think before you act, don’t mislead others. Be direct, be honest, and have pure intentions. Don’t say things in order to make people feel good, when they’re not true. Don’t say things that you think someone will want to hear, in order to gain their love, their friendship, shared intimate moments, and their trust for closeness and affection. Doing so, could likely cause tremendous pain to others, and on whatever level a person will feel that pain, it’s not only unnecessary, but it’s very cruel and selfish.


Please be kind to others, and if you really love someone, love them enough to be honest from the get-go. Be direct in your approach, and don’t pretend, because pretending is just another form of games, and it can lead someone to unhappiness, misery, the lack of trust in others, and I’m sure that that’s the last thing that anyone would want to do to someone that they feel love towards— even if it’s just for the sake of being a good person and not wanting to cause others pain or discomfort.

You should give your love and kindness to those who deserve it. And even when people don’t deserve it, you should still be kind. Choose your words wisely. When needed, bite your tongue, hold your breath, and don’t say what you’re thinking if you know that it’s going to hurt someone, or if you know that you’re stepping over certain boundaries, that perhaps you promised not to walk over. Don’t take people or situations in life for granted, and be true to yourself, and at the same time, make sure that your intentions stay pure and honest, and that you’re being true to them as well.

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18 thoughts on “The Power of Having Pure Intentions

  1. I find when my intentions are pure my intuïtion is much better too. I even go to extremes so i rarely do something out of a sense of obligation, or pity, proudness, for example if someone pays me a drink, and i feel obligated to pay them back i won’t do it. When there is a homeless guy i might give him nothing, a lot or little, but i always give because i want too and rarely because the sight makes me uncomfortable. When you start handling by your intuition you will start to know things, more accidental things will happen, you will do the right thing even without understanding why. Sometimes you do might seem erratic, agressive, counterintuitive or downright stupid, but somehow you end up with a good result (for everyone). It can be scary in the beginning., and the emotional turmoil you sometimes create stressfull. It doesn’t really matter that much wether people lie or cheat because you will end up with a good result in the end.

    “When needed, bite your tongue, hold your breath, and don’t say what you’re thinking if you know that it’s going to hurt someone, or if you know that you’re stepping over certain boundaries, that perhaps you promised not to walk over.”
    This is quite the opposite what i do, so you might be stiffling your intuïtion and hence handicapping your ability to sense people. If your intentions are truly pure, then you don’t need to worry about biting your tong because you are not out to hurt anyone. When you are causing hurt and destruction, there is a good chance that there are unconscious nefarious motivations. Always important to intimately know you own dark side. We all have an element of bad inside us, it is no enjoyable process to examine this: shadow work

    1. Very interesting. I like what you wrote and what you’re saying about intuition. A lot actually, and I agree. Our intuition is everything and I’m seeing so more throughout the years and is something that I personally work on improving. As far as holding your tongue and not saying things that could hurt someone, I say so because sometimes even when our motives are pure and good as well as our intuition, we tend to hurt people regardless of expressing our true thoughts, and if nothing good will come out of it, I just think it’s better to avoid causing people pain and not saying things. But I also believe in openly communicating your true feelings and saying what you feel. So there’s a thin line. However, sometimes it’s about how you say things to someone as well as simply saying them. For example, look at your comment here. You did so with light and kindness. It was insightful, diligent, and you said your opinion, but without being unkind or cruel with getting your point across.

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