How You Can Prepare for St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations



Patrick’s day, which is commonly referred to as St. Paddy’s Day is one of the most notable events of the year. It is a religious and cultural holiday that is celebrated on 17th March. Its purpose is to honor the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Although the festival originated in Ireland, it is now celebrated all over the world by the Irish and non-Irish people alike. The festival is meant to commemorate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish.

Normally, the festival is characterized by a lot of green, and varieties of foods and drinks. Consequently, you need to prepare adequately if you intend to make St. Paddy’s Day memorable. That said, here are various ways to prepare for these celebrations.

Get a Gift

Since St. Paddy’s Day is meant to commemorate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and to celebrate Irish culture, you should plan to get a gift. As a result, you need to get a gift that has an Irish theme. Fortunately, there are plenty of Irish gifts available out there. 

Your only challenge will be figuring out what the person you want to gift loves most, the head out to the store to make the purchase.

Go Green

Green is usually the theme of this festival. Therefore, you need to get yourself some green attire, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a sweater with a large shamrock imprinted on it. You are free to experiment and go diverse.

You can get a green t-shirt with some Irish-related sayings. However, if you’re feeling quite festive, you can get a leprechaun costume, a green hat, and white stockings. If you have to work during this day, you could ensure that your attire has some green in it, even if it means wearing green socks.


To make your day memorable, you could consider accessorizing. You can get jewelry, pins, and buttons to go with your outfit. You might even gift the same to your family and friends. They help complement your outfit, but you have to be creative about it.

If you intend on attending a parade, then you can accessorize with a small shamrock, which you’ll fasten with a clothespin. However, if you’re enthusiastic about St. Paddy’s Day, you can dye your hair light green. If you have children, you can get some green face paint to draw on their faces during the festivals.

Teach Yourself Some Irish Words and Phrases

Patrick’s Day is mainly concerned with the Irish heritage and culture. Therefore, if you want to celebrate the holiday authentically, learn some Irish words. One of the most common words is grand – it means great or fine. Another common phrase is what’s the craic? – it interprets to, how is it going?

Learning these words and phrases puts you in touch with the Irish. Learning this language is also significant because Irish is one of the endangered languages in the world. You don’t have to learn a lot, just a few words and phrases.

Make St. Paddy’s Day Crafts

If you don’t want to purchase a gift, you can get your family members in the mood for this festival by making crafts together. Making Irish-themed crafts is not only easy but also a fun activity. It also saves you the trouble of planning an enormous party and preparing plenty of food.

Some of the crafts you can make include: a leprechaun hat and house, shamrock hats, and some miniature pots of gold. Alternatively, you can make St. Paddy’s Day banners to decorate your home. When it comes to making crafts, you’re spoilt for choice.

Learn Some Irish Dance Moves

Irish dance moves are quite distinct. Therefore, to get yourself ready for this grand festival, you can learn to Irish dance. Learning these moves will impress those around you, and it is also a great form of exercising and increasing flexibility.

You could look for Irish dance classes near you and attend sessions whenever you’re free. Alternatively, you can watch videos and tutorials online to learn some of the most iconic styles. You also don’t have to do it alone. Get some of your friends to make the experience more exhilarating.

Learn to Make Traditional Irish Food

Ireland is full of rich culture, and this trickles down to the variety of foods. Therefore, to best prepare for St. Paddy’s Day, you can learn how to cook traditional Irish food. Most people know Ireland for their beer, but there’s more to offer.

You can attend some cooking classes that teach how to make Irish cuisine within your area. Additionally, you can look up videos online and learn along. Some of the most common Irish dishes include potato pies, lamb stew, cabbages, black pudding, and bangers and mash, among others. Make your pick and learn how to cook it like the Irish. It’ll bring the festival alive.

Get a Collection of Irish Music

To make the day of the festival alive, you’ll need to play some Irish music. Notably, Irish music has a unique sound, and Ireland has an extensive history with music. The country has a variety of styles, and they are played in different scenes.

So, to put yourself into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit, you should make a collection of Irish music. Luckily, you can find plenty of this genre online. However, if you want to keep it traditional, you can always get your collection from the music store.

Learn Some History of St. Paddy’s Day

Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Ireland for more than a millennium to commemorate the death of St. Patrick. Later on, it was recognized as a day to celebrate the culture and heritage of the Irish.

Consequently, you need to research the history of this memorable day since it started. That way, you’ll have every clue of what the festival is all about, and how it has transformed over the years. You are bound to come across multiple stories, both mythical and factual.


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