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As a medical professional, you have a responsibility to your patients to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive level of care you reasonably can to each and every person you treat. Part of this includes the dispensing of medical-related devices and literature to help your patient better understand their condition, as well as the proper steps toward treatment. Even cheap generic medical devices can be highly effective and even turn heads while in public. It is, therefore, a smart idea to order these items customized with either your name or practice symbol on them, so people can see your handiwork in action. This can result in more awareness of your practice and methods among the general population and increased trust in your services, seeing as how you’re willing to put your name behind these options.

Here are a few common items that can help your practice build a brand of safety and efficacy:

Braces or Compression Garments


There are many different kinds of braces available, ranging from wrist braces all the way down to shin and foot braces. These devices are often worn for long periods of the day and for extended periods of time, making them excellent choices for showing off your practice. Having your own customized symbol placed smartly will result in people taking notice of it while in public. Should they ever require similar treatment in the future, it’s likely that they’ll remember your practice over another in your area. Compression garments for athletes are also an excellent option, as people frequently want to use the same products used by athletes they look up to and respect.

Gel Packs


Everybody gets hurt eventually. It’s a simple matter of time and chance as opposed to a matter of personal clumsiness or luck. That’s exactly why branded gel ice packs for doctors should be an obvious choice for promotional gear. In a way, these gel packs serve as a very small billboard that says, “Medical attention has been brought to you by Doctor X of Practice Y.” Manufacturers will also often let you customize the dimensions and function of these gel packs to better suit your patients. Because of the relative rarity of specialized gel packs, it will further increase the faith that patients have in your level of care since it’s visibly different from the norm.

Medical Supply Cases


Things like branded cases for blood sugar monitors, dental supplies, or even asthma inhaler kits further cement your status as an expert in certain areas of specialized medicine. Often, these cases are very inexpensive when purchased on a wholesale basis, plus you can use your knowledge of common patient complaints with these devices to pick cases that will make your patient’s lives much easier, further cementing your place in the mind of those you treat. A custom case makes a patient feel cared for on a much more personal level than a generic case to the point that medicine compliance and patient engagement can go up dramatically.

It may seem like a poor financial decision to buy these items to then give out free of charge. However, it should be thought of as both a mixture of your advertising budget, as well as something to help you connect with your patients on a deeper level. Wholesale purchase of these items often results in a very small unit price, while the patients who receive them will often consider them much more valuable than they are in a monetary sense. Your practice will be more visible in your community and your patients more appreciative of your care, making it a prudent financial choice for any area doctor.

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