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When it comes to feeling good about yourself and having success in all areas of your life, a few things must be done.
First off, you must remove all toxic people from your life. You have to recognize who you’re surrounding yourself with. If you have negative people in your life from toxic friendships, toxic relationships, or simply acquaintances that you know throughout social media or anywhere, rid yourself of them.

Surround yourself with good, positive, and enlightened individuals that bring you up into a spiritually peaceful and enlightened place. 
Secondly, it’s important that you get an adequate amount of sleep. I’m not talking about making up lost hours of sleep from staying up late nights partying. I’m talking about that deep R.E.M. type of sleep, where you wake up feeling not only alive but ready to conquer the world.

Next, it’s important to make sure that your thought process and thinking pattern are healthy. In other words, make sure that you view every single morning as a new beginning and a time to start anew. You can’t change what’s in the past, your history, or what once was. It’s important to let go of any hurt, guilt, anger, and bitterness towards anyone or anything that you might have.

A healthy, happy, and balanced person doesn’t carry those qualities with them, and they recognize that each day is a chance to start all over. They don’t carry excess baggage around with them, because it serves them no purpose, other than 
causing them unnecessary stress and drama. Let go of the past, relieve yourself of the strain, move forward, and head into each day with a sense of goodness, positivity, and allow yourself new beginnings for greatness and success.

Despite whether you work at home, work outside of the home, or whether or not you work at all at this time, you need to care about how you present yourself to the world, and to yourself.
 There’s no room in your life for laziness or depression. Enthusiasm, energy, determination, and drive should be qualities that are instilled within your mind and your soul. 

That little voice that’s in your head should drive you to be better. That voice should be telling you positive and good things. If it’s not, then you can change it. You have the power within yourself to control your way of thinking and how you view things. That little voice needs to be telling you how amazing you are, that you’re beautiful inside and out, that you can conquer any challenge if you set your mind to it, and that you can achieve anything if you just try and put the effort into it. That voice should be the voice of enlightenment. 

You should feel the natural urge and will to become a better person on a daily basis. You should feel the desire to reach for the top, and not to let any temporary blocks or hiccups get in the way. When you set your mind to something, you need to know deep inside that you have the power to do whatever it is. If that voice inside your mind is telling you that you’re going to fail at something, then you will fail. Make sure that the voice inside your head is telling you positive things, and when it’s not, kill the thought.

There’s no need to listen to negativity, whether it comes from other people, or from that voice that’s inside your head. It’s important to project good things into your life. Sometimes the way we project things into our lives is through how we talk to ourselves. I’m not talking as if we’re all schizophrenic, in need of a serious dose of Zyprexa. I’m merely saying that those thoughts that go through our mind should be positive, and pushing you to be better, do better, and to believe in yourself.

Now for the good stuff…

Once you know yourself, take care of yourself, and lead a life towards a fulfilled state of mind, you will be successful. If you strive and reach towards your goals with all of your might, and lead a healthy and balanced life based on love, kindness, and being a good person, success will not only be in the cards for you, but it will be a stable part of your life. As long as you put the effort into maintaining it in the same manner in which you attained it, your dreams and goals that you achieve will be your reality.

Being true to yourself, and being the best version of you is what brings about self-awareness, self-confidence, strength, happiness, and inner peace. It’s important to love yourself, before loving anyone else. Not being selfish, but taking care of yourself first, and starting from within. You should strive to make yourself into more of a spiritually enlightened human being.

Choosing good over evil should dominate the way your mind thinks. It should be your natural inclination to do good, be giving, and show kindness to others. Taking the blame when in the wrong, feeling remorse, and embracing genuine feelings as such that lead you to self-improvement. Learning from your mistakes should be a way of life, in which you not only learn and change for the better, but you teach what you’ve learned to others that haven’t yet experienced such.

When you truly love yourself, you care about the people that surround you, bring people in close that are good, and rid yourself of negative, toxic energy and people. As well, when you love yourself enough, you care about how you’re perceived by others. You lift up your own spirits, even when others don’t help or aren’t around, and you’re the only one doing so. You believe in yourself, you see the light, and in which direction you hope to travel. You’re careful when choosing your journey, yet you’re decisive, driven, motivated, and you’re willing to put in whatever effort and hard work it takes in life, and in love. You fight for what’s right, protect others from harm, and stand up for what you believe in. You are good, you do good, and you wake up with this mentality. 

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