Dear Racists and Those Filled with Hate



We need unity, racial equality, and to stop the hate and end racism once and for all. I can’t imagine that G-d is proud when he sees people do and say things that are cruel to others. G-d is a G-d of love and kindness. He created us all in His image. He didn’t create one set of people that were better than the next.

G-d doesn’t judge or like people more or less because of how He created them, whether by their looks, the colour of their skin, their culture, or religion. G-d doesn’t discriminate. And I can’t imagine that G-d would be thriving in the Heavens, watching us cause pain in others through our words and actions. I can’t imagine that He would like it one bit to see that His perfect creations are hurting and even killing each other at times. And if I was to take a random guess, I don’t think that G-d would like to see any of us act cruelly to others, even strangers. And that’s probably why He said that we should all love our neighbours.

There’s a very thin line between love and hate. And when we find ourselves in any type of predicament, where we need to decide whether to say or do certain things that could potentially cause pain and damage to someone, we need to choose the positive option. We should always choose good over evil. We should think before we speak. We should consider the damage saying hurtful things to others can do, and learn when we should cut our losses short, bite our tongue, and avoid causing pain to others. Our words can be very powerful, and they can either create happiness and love or sadness and hate. So choose wisely before you say things that could potentially hurt others. 

People that are racist or prejudice against others are usually so hateful out of fear. Hate, in fact, is almost always routed from fear. Hateful people are afraid that others don’t or won’t love and accept them for who they are, what they look like, or where they come from. And because of their fear of not being accepted, they hate. They hate others in order to protect themselves. They hate others from fear of not being loved and accepted, using hate as a self-defensive mechanism.

People don’t really “hate” those that are different from them, because they’re so different. On the contrary, people usually tend to be interested and curious about those that greatly differ from them. But because so many people act and say things out of fear, and quickly choose to hate instead of love, more and more people become racist and hateful towards others.

We are all different and unique. We are all special, beautiful, and rare inside and out. We have a choice to love or to hate others in life. However, hate never brings happiness. Hate only brings negative feelings like more hate, anger, the lack of trust, the lack of faith, bitterness, envy, jealousy, insecurity, coldness, and sadness. Being hateful does harm to others and to oneself. Nothing good can come out of hate. Now love, on the other hand, is the one thing that can create and maintain miracles. Love can create more love, acceptance, peace, kindness, selflessness, laughter, security, warmth, trust, faith, and happiness. Love is the most powerful thing in the world.

We all have a choice whether to do good or bad things in life. We all have the ability to think before we speak, and to control our words and actions at any point, especially when we know that the consequences are well thought out. We all have the ability to be kind, improve ourselves, and to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. And I suppose that many of us become affected by others in a negative manner by hearing their negative words, and by seeing their negative actions. And this is one big reason why we should surround ourselves with people that are like-minded, loving, kind, and who strive towards becoming enlightened.

They say that you should kill people with kindness and love them even harder when they hurt you. And although I agree with that for the most part, it can be truly hard to give someone a genuinely loving, heartfelt bear hug, when they’re throwing punches. But then again, trying never hurts. So, Dear Racist and people filled with hate, recognize the hurt and damage that you’re causing to others, and to yourself. Surround yourselves with kind, loving, and accepting people, and let their love rub off on you. 

Anne Cohen
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One thought on “Dear Racists and Those Filled with Hate

  1. What an interesting point of view from a woman with such a beautiful soul! Yes. Love is the only driving force in the Universe… you seem to really know what Love is! Some people are such lost souls! Even some of my ex friends have no life and simply want to hate and bully me. One girl, in particular, is not evolved, nor elevated! She thinks she is more than anyone else! I want to tell her to stop! Rethink! Change! But I know that really, it’s a waste of my time and energy. Again, wonderful article and thank you for your wonderful writing and for giving such good advice to people and spreading your beautiful positive energy.

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