The Destruction of Your Emotional Walls



Some people wish so much that they could build emotional walls and barriers to protect themselves from pain. Meanwhile, there are other people that would do anything to remove those walls and barriers that they’ve created unintentionally, and they struggle so deeply for the lack of knowledge in knowing how to do so.

Despite which type of person you are, and despite whether or not you find it easy or difficult to create or remove an emotional wall and barrier, it’s an emotional struggle. Knowing that the point of everything in life is to feel fulfilled and happy is something that we all need to remember. Sometimes we take the little things in life for granted, and we spend our time worrying over nonsense, mumbo-jumbo, and things that are irrelevant in the big picture of our lives.

We’re in control of our own feelings and emotions, and no one can change or affect them unless we let them. Depending on how much strength and resilience we have, we’re either able to handle more or less of the nonsense and different types of drama that goes on throughout our day-to-day lives. We can only prevent things to a certain extent because sometimes things are out of our hands. But one thing that we can control is how we respond or react to things.

We need to get a grip at times when it may seem impossible. As well, being that we’re in control of our own emotions, we need to recognize that we’re going to experience many different types of emotions throughout our lives, and they won’t always be happy ones. Having said that, it’s important to surround yourself with loving, kind-hearted, positive, and spiritually enlightened people as much as possible. It’s imperative to keep stress, drama, and toxic people as far away from your life as you can.

Everything isn’t always going to go our way in life, so we need to know that now, and work on building our inner strength and resilience so that we can bear any possible future pain, turbulence, or heartache. But, one thing is for sure. We cannot and should not build an emotional wall to protect ourselves from pain. We simply can’t live a life filled with fear. Fear is the worst thing ever, and many of us bottle it up, holding onto it throughout our lives. Fear ages us and tears us up from within. Fear is what keeps us from success and fulfilling our goals in life.

The last thing that anyone should want to do in life is to prevent themselves from feeling things on a deeper level. Some of the most incredibly intense and passionate feelings come from happiness, love, and from being able to embrace and be in touch with our feelings of such. If we build an emotional wall to protect ourselves from pain, then we’re not living our lives to the fullest or experiencing a lot of the pleasure that we could be in life.

For anyone that wants to build an emotional wall so that they don’t need to live through another heartbreak or dreadful experience, I urge you to think twice about it. You see, sometimes it’s better to accept short term darkness for long-term light. We need to embrace our true and genuine emotions to the fullest, and despite all of the hard times that we might’ve experienced in our lives.

I get it, I get it, love hurts, love bites, and all of the other famous sayings that I know you and I have both heard, and possibly felt before. But all of that is irrelevant because when it comes to being able to experience life and happiness in the manner that we should, we need to let go of our past heartaches, let go of all the pain that we’ve previously experienced, and let ourselves stay open-hearted as much as possible so that when our time comes, we’ll get to experience true love and true happiness.

For those that are struggling to be able to feel once again, it can be truly torturous. Not being able to connect with one’s emotions can be quite the struggle. But once you realize that you have some sort of blockage running through your body, know that you’re in control of making the changes that are needed so that you can truly open your heart up, and love again. You can’t create an open heart from an emotionally unavailable person. This is a problem that the person who has it needs to work on themselves.

People that distance themselves from feeling their emotions like someone that’s emotionally unavailable, emotionally distant, and someone that’s built an emotional barrier towards others is hurting themselves, and not only coming across as cold or heartless to others. People that are EU (emotionally unavailable) won’t feel or see true love, even if it’s right in front of their eyes. If your heart isn’t open to pain, then it’s also not open to love. By creating an emotional barrier, you’re closing the door on being able to experience all of the good and beautiful things in life, simply because you’re trying to avoid all of the pain and hardship life might throw at you.

Remember, only an emotionally unavailable person can fix their issue. Being emotionally unavailable might seem like a disease, because of the torture that it causes to others, and to those that are EU as well. However, it not only isn’t a disease, but it’s something that can be easily cured by the person with it, by them personally acknowledging that they have a problem, putting an end to all residual feelings of hurt, bitterness, and anger towards anything and everything from their past that might’ve been the route to their pain and heartache, and then open their hearts fully and completely towards promising situations, and people.

You have to be aware in life, and catch a good opportunity while it’s in front of you. Unfortunately, many times people take good things for granted in life, and that includes good opportunities and even the opportunity of falling in love. As I said before,  it’s truly unfortunate that people miss out on embracing love, because they’re not open to it because of residual emotional unavailability. It’s unfortunate, incredibly common, but all preventable, and curable if the person is willing to shake off their past, and open the door to what could be a bright, beautiful, and happy future for them. How will you know what’s waiting for you ahead, if you’re still stuck, clinging onto your past. It’s time to let go.

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