Eyelash Extensions or Lash Lifts: Which One To Choose?



In this way, you’ve concluded that your eyelashes need a little lift! Presently comes a significant choice: would you like to get a lash lift or eyelash extensions? Both lash lifts and eyelash extensions can give your eyelashes a voluminous lift while diminishing how much time you need to spend before the mirror! Since both lashes lifts and extensions are incredible choices for arriving at your lash goals. Here are some of the differences between lash extensions and lash lifts. See which one suits your desired look and feel more.

What Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is for the most part known just like an option in contrast to eyelash extensions. In any case, don’t commit the error in reasoning that lash lifts are worse than lash lifts. Lash lifts utilize extraordinarily made, non-harmful synthetic compounds on your normal lashes. These synthetic substances work to separate the lashes’ underlying securities and change them. They’re similar to a perm for your eyelashes! This permits your lashes to become twisted from the base to the tip, which causes them to show up longer and lusher.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Dissimilar to lash lifts, eyelash extensions really add length and volume to your normal lashes. Eyelash extensions work by setting fake lashes, called extensions, to your normal lashes. Each lash is connected to one of your regular lashes 1-2 mm from the foundation of the eyelid with a unique lash stick. This paste isn’t destructive or bothering.

Differences With a Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

Since you know what these two administrations resemble at their center, how about we check out the significant contrasts that could be your central consideration.

Life Span and Maintenance

Lash lifts can endure somewhere in the range of 4 to about a month and a half relying upon how quick your normal lashes develop, drop out, and so forth Eyelash extensions, then again, can endure without upkeep for around 3 to about a month, however, with normal support, they can endure endlessly. Eyelash extensions require substantially more upkeep and support than lash lifts do. As a rule, we suggest getting a re-lash or upkeep arrangement each 2 a month. Main concern: to get something once and not need to consider it once more, then, at that point, a lash lift would be your most ideal choice. In any case, on the off chance that you need something longer-enduring and wouldn’t fret a touch of upkeep, go for eyelash extensions.

Working With What You’ve Got – Or What You Don’t

A lash lift works just with your normal lashes. Thus, on the off chance that you don’t have the fullest lashes, they’re short, or you simply try to avoid them for reasons unknown, lash lifts probably won’t give you the outcomes you’re searching for. Keep in mind: lash lifts don’t really add any length or volume. Assuming that is the thing you’re searching for, you may be in an ideal situation going for eyelash extensions. Then again, however, to give them a slight lift, a lash lift would be ideal for you. Eyelash extensions truly add fake lash lifts to your regular lashes.


Eyelash extensions additionally have adequate open doors for customization to your particular needs and needs. You and your lash craftsman can settle on the shading, length, thickness, and twist level of your extensions to make the ideal search for you. You can’t do that as effectively with a lash lift, which is something to remember while picking between the two. You can generally combine a lash lift with lash coloring administrations to get somewhat more tone.

Speak With a Lash Expert for a Personalized Consultation

As may be obvious, picking lash lift versus extensions relies for the most part upon you and what you ask for from the assistance. Assuming your primary spotlight is on a little lift that you don’t need to think or stress over, lash lift is the main. Assuming you need something that endures longer and adds more length to your lashes (and you don’t care about any support), eyelash extensions will give you what you need.


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