Activities You Can Enjoy With Limited Mobility



People can experience limited mobility for a number of reasons, from aging to broken bones. If you have such a condition, it’s important to find activities that provide you with entertainment but that don’t require much mobility. The following four suggestions are just a few of the ways that you can spend your time if you’re facing limited mobility.

Dive Into a Good Book

In this vastly mediated world, it’s easy to be taken in by more “glamorous” forms of media, like TV or movies. However, few low-mobility activities beat the joy that comes from reading a good book. Once inside the pages, you get lost in a world all your own. No one imagines the imaginary world quite as you do; it’s your own personal story when you’re reading. Best of all, you can read whether you’re limited in mobility or not.

Make Art

Art-making can be very therapeutic, according to American scientist, and of course, you can do it sitting down. All you need is a table, some art supplies, and a bit of time, and eventually, you have a masterpiece to show for the time you dabbled with your paints or pencils.

If mobility struggles make traditional art mediums difficult, give digital art a try. It allows you to create a myriad of different textures with just the press of a button. This can also make art more accessible if you already have a smart device and can’t afford expensive art supplies.

Take a Modified “Stroll”

Mobility scooters have given those with limited mobility the chance to get out and about and spend time in nature. If you love to get outside, but face issues with mobility, getting a scooter can give you the gift of movement again. The most modern ones fit in your car’s trunk and can navigate all sorts of terrain, which allows you to experience the world as you did when you were more fully mobile.

Take Up Bird or Butterfly Watching

Our winged friends can provide us with an endless sense of delight and wonder. After all, who can know where these winged creatures have been before they visited our backyard? What is certain is that with just a pair of binoculars and some birdseed or sugar-sweetened water, you can witness a glorious and colorful exchange that doesn’t require much movement – just some patience.

Play Video Games 

Most of us can’t go on grand adventures at a moment’s notice, but this is especially true for those with limited mobility. Playing computer and video games is a great way to have some new and unique experiences without even leaving your house. 

Being limited in mobility doesn’t have to mean that you’re also limited in activities. As this article demonstrates, there are plenty of ways to engage in activities that make you happy even if you have difficulty moving around. This allows you to feel like you’re part of the world again, which uplifts your spirit in ways you can only imagine.


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