Getting a Massage – An Underestimated Form of Physical Therapy



We think of a massage, we think of a pleasurable feeling that is nothing more than that: a luxurious way to relieve stress. Sure, our muscles are more relaxed after a full-body massage but can a massage parlor perform the role of a medical clinic? The short answer is affirmative, as a massage is a form of physical therapy used in treating sports injuries.

The Stress Factor

The hectic pace of life in the 21st century has created a real pandemic of stress and anxiety. Simply put, we worry too much and our body and mind take a toll from this over-worrying. A massage helps takes away this tension, so after a couple of sessions with a masseuse, you will no longer feel the headache that has been bothering you for months on end.

If you make these massages routine, then you can count on pain reduction, increased energy levels, and improved overall motivation. A massage doesn’t only stimulate muscle and tissue, as it can help you become emotionally stronger and more resilient to stress.

Coping With Headaches

We haven’t mention headaches for no reason. Tension headaches and migraine attacks can have various causes, from psychosomatic root causes to poor mental health. Whatever the cause, regular massages help alleviate the pain inside our head by setting our muscles and mind at ease. If a chronic headache is a reason you are getting massages, then the neck, head, and shoulders areas should be “targeted.”

Improving Blood Circulation

Another common cause of headaches is poor blood circulation. There are various medical conditions that are accompanied by this symptom, including old age.

Regular massages improve blood circulation in the long run by loosening muscles and tendons, which results in increased blood flow through the entire body.

The better circulation, the easier it is for the body to recuperate after intense physical activity or after an injury or illness, as improved blood circulation promotes healing!

Relieving Pain

Whether it’s harsh back pain or a splitting headache, chronic pain prevents us from going about our daily lives as usual. Invasive therapy and pain medications can help but the effect of drugs is limited. On the other side, stress-free remedial massage works through pain and tension, relieving it layer by layer during the relatively short massage session. 

Once deeper muscles are reaches, the pain is taken away for good and the persistent discomfort is gone. Of course, you’ll need to visit the masseuse more than once to achieve this effect.

Becoming Flexible

Athletes warm up because they wish to relax their muscles, making them more flexible and less prone to injury. In this sense, massage is ideal for promoting flexibility, as it stimulates the body to produce natural lubricants.

A sports massage makes tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints, and connective tissue more flexible. As a result of improved flexibility, the range of motion is increased, helping keep the muscles safe even during the most strenuous of workouts.

Better Quality of Sleep

Relaxing with a good book before bedtime is a great way to unwind but a massage is an ever better “tranquilizer,” sort to say. Namely, reading puts stress on your eyesight, while a massage is a painless and pleasurable way of naturally releasing serotonin, the sleep hormone. If you get a massage in the evening, you’ll have no trouble going to sleep that night.

Improved Posture

Massages are suitable for people of age, including young people. Modern job posts require college graduates to sit all day in front of the computer, totally disrupting their posture. On the other hand, there are millions of people in the production who stand all the time, adding stress to their spinal cord.

A massage can help alleviate the pain from these unnatural activities that result in poor posture. During a massage, the muscles loosen and relax, helping the body reinstate its natural, painless posture.

Combatting Fatigue

If you are feeling drained of energy all the time, then you might be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. The condition is more frequent than you think so it’s worth combating it using massage therapy.

Just like the aforementioned anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue is triggered by increased stress levels. The syndrome is often accompanied by inexplicable muscle pain but luckily, going to massages often will help you battle and conquer fatigue.

A Massage Lowers Blood Pressure

If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle marked by junk food and a lack of physical activity, your blood pressure is probably dangerously high. Lowering blood pressure involves various methods and massages are one of them. Massage therapy enhances blood flow and lowers blood pressure in the long run. If you visit your masseuse regularly, the chances of experiencing a stroke drop down dramatically.

People think of massages as something benign and pleasurable. Although it feels good when you’re lying on the massage table, a massage is also a form of physical therapy and a pretty effective one. From relieving stress to reducing massage tension, you should really look to include regular massages into your overall health plan.

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