How to Improve the Romance and Affection in Your Relationship


When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to maintain the love, warmth, and happiness that you share with one another. You have to put effort into maintaining your relationship, even more so than you might have while trying to start it in the beginning. It takes a certain amount of love and dedication in order to make the fire and passion last for the long haul. No one should settle for the type of relationship that simply losing the passion in time. But instead, couples should be willing to give their all to their relationship, and to always try to improve things for the better, including the level of passion, the romance, and the amount of affection they show to their partner. 

Keep the fire alive

Take the time to show your partner how much they mean to you not only through your words but also through your actions. Do sweet gestures and things for one another just because you want them to be happy, and even to provoke them to laugh or smile. Laughing a lot is imperative when it comes to keeping the fire alive. Tell your partner how much you love them not only on special occasions but whenever you feel it. Having open communication is healthy, and so important if you want to feel truly comfortable with one another. And comfort level is important so that you’ll be able to be open about your true feelings, wants, needs, and desires. Do things to keep the fire alive and the passion pumping like keeping romance in your lives.

Try to be easy going, and to keep things fun, light, and happy whenever possible. Be playful, and if it doesn’t come naturally, work on keeping the laughter and silly moments alive. Strive to find the funny in things. Laughter can be so powerful in developing and maintaining closeness. And don’t be uptight or too stiff. There’s no need to be serious more than you have to be, and definitely not all of the time. Serious moments will happen, but there should always be a time to just let go, release, and have a good time. As well, don’t make little things a big deal, pick and choose your battles, and don’t drag issues on longer than you have to. Make sure that you and your partner are smiling and laughing more than you’re sad or upset. Stay optimistic, and focus on the good things in life.

Be romantic and affectionate

Having enough affection and romance during the day brings out beautiful and magical intimacy at night. Fact. Well, at least for most couples. But it also brings the maximum amount of true closeness. Make sure that you’re putting enough effort into being romantic and affectionate. What they say is true— a little effort can go a very long way. And you and your partner shouldn’t be making excuses for why you’re not being affectionate or romantic enough. Couples need to be dedicated and make the time for what really matters to them in life—each other.

Romance is something that many couples think is only important on holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and at times when they feel they have to do certain things or their partner will feel as if they don’t care. This especially happens the longer that couples are together. But you see, couples should want to do sweet things and be romantic and affectionate because it’s in their heart. Couples should stably have a date night at least once a week. There needs to be a moment set out each week at the very least, where a couple deliberately sets a time for romance and closeness. And by closeness, affection to be specific.

Affection isn’t something that should only be felt in the bedroom or when you’re ehem, in the mood. There should always be an adequate amount of affection in your relationship. And by affection, I mean warmth, comforting, holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, and enough tenderness during the day, and not merely when it’s time to hit the sack. Show your partner how much you love and adore them by making them feel loved all of the time, and not because you want something from them or want to satisfy your intimate desires or sexual needs.

Making love can and should be fun, exciting, and spontaneous. But it should also be based on love and deep feelings that you feel for your partner. It shouldn’t be something to satisfy empty needs of desire and immediate gratification. It should something based on your strong foundation and the love that you share with one another. You should feel so close to your partner because of who they are and how they make you feel. There needs to be substance in your relationship where the love is genuine, and where you both feel that fire and chemistry more and more as the years go by. This happens when couples are dedicated enough, and when they care about maintaining the love and joy that they share.

As well, make sure that you’re putting in as much love and effort into doing your share of things in your relationship. Things shouldn’t be one-sided where one person does all of the heavy, all of the work, and all of the giving, kind, sweet gestures, trying to keep the fire and romance alive, while the other person merely absorbs and takes. Don’t be with a taker. Things should be balanced in a healthy relationship and both people should always try to focus on doing their share, on what they can do, and on what their part is in making their relationship strong, happy, and better. Keep the romance alive and be affectionate enough, and all of the time, so that your relationship will be happy and healthy for the long term, and so that the feelings and the passion that you share together will grow, rather than fade out or diminish.

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3 thoughts on “How to Improve the Romance and Affection in Your Relationship

  1. What a great article Anne! Being with the right person is most important, but having enough affection and being romantic is something that takes a little extra effort. People should be giving and care enough to put that effort into the person they’re with, and it shouldn’t have to be something forced. People should naturally want to be loving and affectionate with the person they’re with. Also, they should want to be romantic with someone because romance, like you said, keeps the fire alive. Great post.

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