When You Have to Beg for Someone’s Love, Attention, or Affection


It’s important to treat everything that’s important to you as a priority. As far as relationships go, it’s important to make your partner a priority and to treat your relationship as an important part of your life. After all, part of having a balanced life is having a healthy relationship if that something that you desire. Unfortunately, many times people don’t make their partner a priority, and despite how much balance their life might have if they don’t change their ways and treat their partner better, their relationship won’t last, or at least, not for very long or in a happy manner.

You should never have to beg to get someone’s love, attention, or affection even, and for them to make you a priority. And you should never have to beg to get someone to love you, because someone that truly and utterly cares about you will treat you as a priority, and will make time for you, despite their busy schedules and whatnot. Make sure that if you’re in a relationship and you’re the busy type, that you make time for your partner instead of making excuses for why you can’t see them, spend time with them, or even communicate with them on a daily basis. Like I said before, if something or someone is important to you, treat them as a priority and make the time to show them you care.

Happy relationships need to be maintained in a healthy manner so that both people feel equally happy and satisfied. There’s nothing wrong with being independent or taking some alone time. And if anything, that’s actually a really good idea, so that you can accomplish more in life, and so you’ll have enough time to work on yourself and have enough personal growth. But when it comes to loving your partner in a healthy manner, you need to be dedicated and make the time for your partner, and even go out of your way at times and show your partner how much you love and care for them through your actions and words. Sometimes, that involves doing sweet gestures or being a little extra romantic. You can even try having a date night once a week.

The bottom line is, if you truly love the person that you’re with, you need to treat them with love, respect, and as if you know and understand how valuable they are to you in your life. When people stop caring, stop putting effort into things, and stop making the time to spend with their partner or to show them how much they care, they’re most likely treating them as an option, instead of a priority, and their relationship likely won’t last very long or at least won’t be happy.

We need to make time for things that are important to us, and we need to value and appreciate our partner when we’re in a relationship. They should feel loved and appreciated, instead of as if they’re an option, or something that we want and care about only when we have nothing else better to do. No one should feel as if they’re an option in a relationship or as if they’re not a priority, and as if they’re second best to anything and everything else that you might have going on in your life.
Both people in a relationship should treat one another as a priority, and show each other just how much they care. It’s imperative to be dedicated, selfless, and giving to one another. Again, if you don’t maintain your relationship by putting effort into things and making the time for your partner, they’ll end up feeling unloved and they likely won’t be happy or desire to stay with you for very long.

Remember, if your partner is begging for your love, attention, or affection, something is wrong, and you’re likely not treating them as a priority. You might need to fix the situation if things have gotten to this point, and you just might have to reassure your partner, but not only with words, but with actions that will back them up. Especially, if they don’t know what’s going on or how you’re feeling about them. Take time out of your busy day to show them how much you care, and to remind them that you love them. If this sounds like you, then you should consider changing your ways before your partner’s lack of happiness and feeling unsatisfied not only affects your relationship but also before things get bad enough where your relationship breaks and comes to an end.

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7 thoughts on “When You Have to Beg for Someone’s Love, Attention, or Affection

  1. My name is Leahann and for the past year, I have NOT been a priority in my boyfriend’s life. I a hopeless romantic and whenever I love someone, I give 110%. For the past 6 months, I have been talking to him about how I feel. I always come last and it seems like I am giving and giving and he is taking.
    Now in past relationships, I have settled for less than the deserve, and this caused numerous resentment, hurt, and tears. So this time, I decided to voice how I expected to be treated.
    Two years ago, I completed a Year-Long Treatment for my Drug Addiction. During that time I worked the 12 steps and worked on loving myself again.
    So I have no problem with voicing myself to my boyfriend.
    Lately, I been feeling like an option, and I remind him daily to show me that he loves me
    .not just words.
    Do things to make me happy and little surprises.
    So far, I have noticed a pattern of selfishness, self-centered, putting others and participating I’m so many risky behaviors.
    Gambling, and projects he never finishes. I am trying so hard to find my happiness in him and lift him up and give encouraging words that I’m emotionally drained.
    I have tried everything and nothing changes. Finally, I researched a mental disorder called NARCISSIST DISORDER.
    I cried and was in shock at the signs, symptoms, and overall thought process.
    He is a narcissist and I have been emotionally and physically fighting for our relationship, only to be told that He will never change.

    1. You deserve more. What gift you are and so insightful that you figured it out I wish I would of 20 years ago when I begged for love. Run while you can run fast and far. Narc are super damaging to your soul spirit and heart and mind
      Run and know you escaped something life destroying. Before I got to the end of your post I was thinking narc her BF is a narc. Also you might wanna do a little Al-Anon too or some reading on codependency

    2. Damn. So sorry about that. Not much I can do about how you feel but I feel you. You did what you could do. He can’t be blamed. I understand he doesn’t have the capacity to love you the way you need it. I’m sorry about the heartache. It’s not his fault and it’s not yours.

  2. I always wondered if my man loved me. He said he did but his actions never supported his words. All I wanted from him was to show me he cared for me. Never wanted him to change himself, I loved him but it only seemed he needed me on his terms. I felt unwanted, unloved. I tried to see if that feeling would change after a few months- never changed sadly.

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