How Depressing Is It to Be Single for a Long Time



We all need to learn how to be independent and self-sufficient, and this is something that is necessary for everyone to go through and experience in order to understand how to love yourself. However, is there an expiry date for when being single becomes just much too long? 


We’re Going to Explore the Reality of How Being Single for Too Long Could Possibly Lead to Depression, and Why You Shouldn’t Let the Experience Linger.

It Can Shut You Off

While it can be liberating for a while, you run the risk of getting too comfortable with a routine that shuts the world out. There’s nothing wrong with spending time alone, but too much of anything isn’t healthy. Being alone for too long will get you into a routine where you begin to stop socializing more and more, and by doing this, you risk falling into depression because you forget the value of interacting with others and meeting new people.

You Give Up on Excitement

It’s important that you get into the dating game again because you tend to forget how fun and exciting it can be to meet someone new. Ease yourself into the dating world slowly again to counter the monotony of being alone all the time. Look up new apps and dating websites that don’t force you to have to commit all in one go. You’ll find that
some websites work better than others and it all depends on what kind of a relationship you’d like to start off with. If you just want something casual and carefree, rest assured that there’s something out there that fits the bill for whatever you’re after to get in the game again.


You Start to Neglect Your Appearance

Some might say that this is a superficial thing and it doesn’t really matter, but what you don’t know is that it really does. This doesn’t mean that just because you’re single you take less
care of yourself, but it’s a known fact that we tend to get a little bit too comfortable with paying less attention to certain things about our appearance. And no one can deny that feeling of excitement when getting ready when you know you’re about to go on a date- it’s just different. You get butterflies in your stomach and it’s just a different kind of fun when you’re getting dressed up and ready for a date.

You Forget About Your Needs

When you’re
single for too long, you tend to give your emotional and sexual needs a backseat. And it’s extremely important that you don’t give these needs less value than they deserve. Everyone deserves to be loved and touched in an affectionate way and being single for too long forces you to come to terms with the fact that you can’t have that anymore. 


It’s important to have a fine balance in every aspect of life. And this is especially true when it comes to the argument of whether you should be single or not. The answer is yes if you haven’t found someone that you feel is worthy of your time and effort, then, by all means, it’s actually quite healthy to be single for a while- but not for too long. Don’t neglect your needs and the fact that you deserve to be pampered because you do run the risk of falling into depression. 


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