20 Reasons to Enjoy Being Single


It’s important to enjoy and embrace every stage of our lives. Some stages might be less enjoyable than others. But, every stage has its good and it’s bad. When we don’t take the time to embrace and enjoy each stage of our lives, many times we regret it later on in life, and we long for it later, when it’s too late. For those that never experience single life and get into an exclusive relationship and marry someone very quickly, there’s a possibility that at some point in their later years, they’ll feel like something is missing, and possibly develop an interest in experiencing what it feels like to be single. Of course, this isn’t always the case. But, many times it is, and it’s important to know that before it actually happens. I wrote this article specifically for the singles out there that while in this stage of their life, remembering to keep in mind the importance of having a positive attitude, and concentrating on all of the things that they can do when they’re single, and before finding their other half.

We should embrace all of the stages in our lives from being single, to being in a relationship, to being married, to having children, to becoming older and appreciating how wise you might be becoming, and all of the positives in that. No matter what stage that you’re in, it’s important to remember that the key to happiness is appreciating your life in the moment. It’s important not to concentrate on the negatives of each stage that you’re in, but more on the positives. When you concentrate on the positives of each stage that you go through, you’ll enjoy each stage more, and you’ll be a happier person for it. When you’re single, you should embrace it and have fun, enjoying all of the things that single people do. The point is to enjoy doing all of the things that singles do when you’re single, because you won’t be single forever, and it’s important to get the single life out of your system, but enjoy it while it’s happening.

Remember, we may all have preferences on what stages that we enjoy more. The point of this article is that it’s important to enjoy every stage while you’re experiencing it, so that you’re a happier person. You should stay focused on living in the moment and when you meet that special person who’s worth exploring a relationship with, then you can enjoy that, and the same goes for marriage, etc. I hope this article can help people that are single recognize that being single is temporary (if you want it to be), and while you are single, you should enjoy it. But definitely, and by no means, should you be sad and depressed for being single. When that’s the case, try to change your perspective on single life and reread this article.

Here’s the list:

1. Going out with all of your single friends. Not needing permission to hang out with the boys or the girls.

2. Your television is all yours and you don’t have to watch what you don’t want to watch. As silly as that may sound, when you don’t have the luxury of having many TVs in a household, that can be very important to some people, and when you’re single, you should appreciate it while it’s there. You’re now free to watch as much “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” in the closet as you want, and no one will know. Stop denying it, because their ratings wouldn’t be so high, if it wasn’t true.

3. Not having to share things that you enjoy being selfish with. You’re allowed to be selfish when you’re single.

4. Going to singles events and parties.

5. Flirting and talking with who you want and when you want, without having to be shady about it. Flirting without caution of hurting the person that you love. Having said this, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to flirt with others when you’re in a relationship, because it’s not.

6. Traveling alone or with your single friends. You can travel when you want and where you want, without having to ask anyone’s opinion.

7. Staying up all hours of the night, when you so choose, without keeping anyone else up, by all of the noise that you might be making. You can go out in the evening and stay out till the next day if you want.

8. You can make your own decisions, without getting the opinion of someone else. You don’t have to worry about what someone else wants to do, you just do what you want.

9. You don’t have to worry about getting into arguments, which happens on the occasion when you’re dating someone exclusively or when you’re married. Arguments are normal in relationships, so you can enjoy not having any while you’re single.

10. Being in the “doghouse” doesn’t exist when you’re single. You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble by doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing while you’re in an exclusive relationship. You’re single and free to decide and make your own choices.

11. You have more time to yourself and you can decide to do anything, without taking time away from your lover. You can start a new business if you want, take on a new hobby, or anything you might desire, without getting the input from someone else that might take away some of the excitement. As we all know, not everyone agrees with the new hobbies or adventures that you take on when you’re in a relationship or married.

12. Now that there are many dual income households, when you’re single, that’s not something that you have to worry about. You have more freedom with what you buy, and how you spend your money. You don’t have to worry about anyone questioning what you purchase or what you do with your money.

13. You can make your own choices like going out, staying in, where to eat, etc. You’re the big cheese and you should enjoy that while it lasts.

14. You have no obligations as a single person to spend time with people that you don’t want to. Many times people in relationships and even more so when they’re married, have to spend time with their partner’s family or their in-laws, and they might not be all that crazy about some of them. That doesn’t happen to you when you’re single.

15. You can exercise and work out whenever you want to, even when it’s late hours at the gym.

16. I’m not sure how much truth there is to what I’ve heard, but apparently singles age much better than married people. Not that I’m personally a fan of remaining single, because I’m not. But remember, the point is to embrace the good things, and the idea of not developing crow’s feet at an early age, does sound kind of nice.

17. You can wear whatever you want, without being told that you look too sexy or that you’re revealing too much. If you’re the type that enjoys lounging around the house at times, you can wear those ugly but comfortable sweats all day long. Shh… no one will know.

18. You can date who you want and when you want. As well, you can kiss or be intimate with whomever you choose, without being shady about it.

19. As we all know, not all couples have all of the same common interests, and this especially goes for watching movies. When you’re single, you’re free to see whatever movies that you want, without having to take turns deciding.

20. You can sleep in and take long showers if you so choose. No one will be there to yell at you for using up all of the hot water or think of you as a lazy bum, when you want to catch a few extra hours of Zs.

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