Why You Shouldn’t Force Things to Work During Early Dating



During early dating, things should flow and be easy going. There should always be a honeymoon phase. In this talk, I want to share my thoughts about why it’s so important to know your self-worth and to only be with and stay with someone who treats you with love, respect, and as a priority. You should never have to force anything, but especially when it comes to feelings and making things work during early dating. Remember, early dating is a time for excitement, good laughs, smiles, and getting to know one another. It’s a time for beautiful new beginnings. And the time to create and embrace the possibility of what could be a beautiful foundation for a healthy, happy, and loving relationship.

There’s something that’s important to remember during early dating, that sometimes, many of us forget or simply take for granted. There’s a clean slate, no mess-ups, no issues, and you both have a chance to show one another who you are at your core, with honesty, kindness, and being the best version of yourself, which will give a situation the best chance of working out. And that is the point right? For you to find your true love to match up just right, and to naturally feel that vibe. Yes.

We all deserve to be with our best possible match, to feel that vibe, that connection, and to have that feeling of love, intense passion, and warmth running through our veins, where every thought, every breath is what can I do to make this person happy, to make them smile, to watch their eyes sparkle, to see them more, and to show them you care. I want that, don’t you? And if you have that, hold onto it, appreciate it, and don’t ever risk losing it by treating your partner poorly or by having to lose them before you truly appreciate them and realize what you’ve lost. Don’t let a good thing go when you want it bad enough and when you truly care. And don’t settle for being with the wrong person, which one can usually tell early on by how hard things seem.

Did you get rejected? So freaking what! We’ve all been rejected at one time or another. But how you and I handle rejection is what matters most. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether someone peaced out and left, ghosted you, acted distant until they disappeared completely, or made excuses for why they never pinned you down for a date. What matters most, is not why someone did those or other things to avoid dating you or isn’t making the time for you and treating you right, but what matters more so, is the fact that it’s good that they’re gone.

Someone who treats you poorly puts you last, makes excuses, or even disappears with no regard to your feelings, not even treating you with the respect and kindness of explaining why they left, is not worthy of your love, and is not worth it to be sad over. And why you ask? Because you deserve more. You deserve to be with your best possible match. Don’t settle for less than the best match for you! Many times, we settle for silly reasons like the fear of being alone, or because someone is a good person. There are many good people in this world, but that doesn’t mean that they are all your soulmate. The best way to tell early on if someone is good for you is to date them and see just how much flows early on and without you having to force anything.

How do you know when you’re with your best match? I will tell you, but you will be able to tell yourself more than I could tell you. Listen to your instinct and that gut feeling. If you have to force things to work early on, it won’t work and they’re the wrong match for you. You can trick someone, entice them, manipulate them, or even get them hooked and addicted to you in different ways, but at the end of the day, if you have to do so much that’s dishonest and conniving and so on, in the end, you will lack happiness and real love. Real love should be based on purity, honesty, and a solid strong foundation based on something that didn’t need forcing, and that felt natural from the get-go.

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