I Want Your Happiness Because…


I love you.

We all have different ideas and definitions of what love is, and what it means to us. However, despite anyone’s view on what love is or what it means to them, one thing I think we can all agree on is the fact that when you really love someone, you want them to be happy. When it comes to expressing our love to others, it’s important to always want what’s best for the other person, even if we don’t benefit in any way. Just because someone isn’t benefiting or getting anything out of a situation with someone that they love doesn’t mean that they should hate that person or want them to fail or suffer in life in any way. When you love someone, and I mean truly love a person, you want to see them happy, thrive, and succeed at everything in life.

There’s a fine line between love and hate, because both of those emotions are so intense, strong, and passionate. They’re both powerful emotions, and for those who are unaware, many times hate is actually routed from love or the lack of love.

Despite which way someone expresses their love to another, if someone doesn’t want the other person to be happy, they don’t truly love them. When you really love someone, you’re willing to put them before yourself, your needs, and your wants. If you love someone, you’ll want their happiness, even if they don’t want to date you, be in a relationship with you, marry you, live with you, be your friend, or even be in your life. If you love them, you’ll accept that they don’t want to be close to you, because you love them that much. When it comes to someone wanting no contact with you or not wanting to be with you in a relationship, etc., if someone truly loves you, there will be a point of acceptance, and understanding. There’s a point where pursuing something or someone that doesn’t want to be with you isn’t a good thing.

When you have someone in your life that you really love and care for, you should do whatever you can to be good to that person by being loving, kind, selfless, and giving. You should put effort into anything that’s important to you including all of your relationships. By relationships, I mean all relationships, from your family, to your friends, to your romantic partner. It’s important to treasure and cherish everything that’s important to you in life by putting effort into things, and by appreciating them. It’s true what they say, that if you don’t appreciate things, you’re basically taking things for granted, and you could lose them. We should all think ahead in life and prevent nasty consequences from happening by appreciating what we have when we have it, and not after we’ve lost it.

If you’re close to someone in any way, whether it’s a friendship or in a romantic way, and you feel that they’re not showing you how much they care about you with their words, their actions, or by putting little to no effort into making time for you, then it’s important to reevaluate those relationships. But before reevaluating those relationships, make sure that you communicate your feelings to the person first, and foremost. Don’t be hasty or drastic and end a friendship or a relationship because you’re not getting enough attention or if you feel the lack of love on the other person’s part. First communicate your feelings to the person, and if nothing changes after giving one chance, or even two or three chances, you need to end the situation. You should love yourself enough and respect who you are as a person so that people don’t take you for granted. You shouldn’t be around anyone who’s not going to appreciate having you in their life.

Remember, love is not supposed to be conditioned upon getting what you want or benefiting in any way from a person or a situation. Love is a selfless act, or at least it’s supposed to be. When you really love another person, you’ll know it, because you’ll have their best interest at heart, and despite your wants and needs, you’ll want them to be happy, even if you’re not included in that happiness. Someone that loves you will feel genuinely happy when they know that you’re happy, feeling good, or successful in life. Someone that truly loves you won’t feel bitter, envy, or jealousy when you succeed or find happiness and fulfillment in life. They’ll be so happy and proud of you, and your happiness could even bring them tears of joy.

It’s important to surround ourselves with people that feel genuine love for us. No one deserves to be conditionally loved, and only loved when there’s some benefit that they’re receiving. On a last note, just as much as you want to feel loved, it’s important to realize and understand that others feel the same way. We all want to experience what real love feels like. Whether you’re single, separated, divorced, widowed, or even a confirmed bachelor for life, we all need to feel loved by others. Life is too short to feel hatred and ill will towards others. Loving other people is not only easy to do, but this world would be a much better place if we’d all just try to love a little bit more.

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