Pacing Yourself or Ripping off the Band-Aid



For the most part, things in life need to be done gradually, and at a comfortable and healthy pace. As far as pacing goes, everyone is different, and that means that everyone has a different comfort level as far as how quick or how slow to do things in life. Someone once told me that when anything is done gradually, they’ll have the utmost success with whatever they’re trying to achieve. When things are done in a circular, round, and gradual way, things flow much nicer, and with less turbulence and friction as things would if they were done in a way that we could compare to a square perhaps, with sharp, and pointy edges. In other words, anything that would be done instantly, quickly, and as if one was ripping off a Band-Aid would usually be a shorter duration of pain, turbulence, or heartache, but more intensified at that moment.

Ripping a Band-Aid off can be compared to people’s comfort level as far as pace goes for different things. I’m going to explain what I’m trying to say so that everyone completely understands. As far as ripping a Band-Aid off when you have a wound from falling down or whatnot, many times people prefer the quick method of ripping the Band-Aid off, as opposed to slowly taking it off. It’s all about each individual’s own comfort level as far as pace and pain tolerance goes. The bottom line is that everyone is different and everyone needs to do what feels right for them in their own situation, and in regards to their own comfort zone.

When it comes to having a comfort zone, usually people have a hard time getting out of it, and doing things at a pace or time frame that’s quicker or slower than they’d prefer. When it comes to anything in life whether in regards to work, relationships, or anything else, it’s important to feel at ease as much as possible and to do things in a manner in which you’ll find the least amount of turbulence, heartache, and unhappiness. As we all know, the goal in life is to be happy, so we need to minimize our unhappiness whenever possible.

There are certain situations in life that come about in which despite what’s most comfortable and convenient for us, and despite our usual preferred method of pace, we need to do things in a quicker or slower manner so that we don’t cause others pain. It’s important to be a good person and to cause the least amount of pain as possible to others in life. This doesn’t mean that we should always get the short end of the stick or put ourselves last all of the time or any of the time for that matter. However, when it comes to having an opportunity in which you have an option of minimizing someone else’s pain, any turbulence in their life, or when others will be affected by your decisions, it’s important to think of those people and acknowledge how they’ll be affected by what you do or the pace that although might be comfortable to you, would make their pain more intensified and possibly for a longer duration of time.

It’s imperative to think of others, and many times before yourself in order to ease and minimize any turbulence and pain that you might cause them. There should be some type of compromise when it comes to how you feel and how someone else feels in regards to what pace you go when others could be affected. This goes for whether it’s regarding business, pleasure, or any type of relationship that you might have. It’s important not to be too selfish in life and only think of yourself before others when you know that they could be harmed or hurt in any way by decisions that you make.


It’s important to try to do things in a way in which you’ll come out on top, have great success, feel happy with the choices that you make, but at the same time to try and minimize any unhappiness that your decisions could cause to others in the process. So the next time that you’re in a situation where you might find it easier to do things at your pace and at your comfort level, make sure that others around you won’t be affected, and if you find that they are or will be affected by your choices, then it’s important to think twice about your pace and adjust yourself to the comfort level that would cause minimal pain to the other person or people that might be affected.

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6 thoughts on “Pacing Yourself or Ripping off the Band-Aid

  1. There are always trusted friends who will support you through your “changes” and it’s important to identify them, and have back-ups. Loved ones will often refer to them and acknowledge their helpfulness as they see the results of your transformations. Everybody wins.

  2. Another amazing article Anne! I don’t know how you keep coming up with so many new ideas to write about. Apparently there are endless subjects about relationships or you’re just incredibly creative. Love your writing! Keep it up!

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