Important Health Check for Older People



One of the biggest benefits of ensuring that you are getting checked out regularly is the increased likelihood of catching diseases early and choosing the treatment that will improve your health accordingly. Regular health checks can help to identify early warning signs of disease or illness. Heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers can often be picked up in their early stages. A regular health check is the best thing anyone can do if they want to have a healthy life in adulthood.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are one of the best things that you can do in order to see how your health is. Getting regular blood tests done will help your medical professional see if your body is giving any kinds of indicators of diseases. By doing blood tests you can see if a person has a risk of having heart or kidney diseases as well as things like diabetes.  Some tests will require the medical professional to draw your blood while some tests can be done by a finger-prick test.

Blood Pressure Tests

Even though we can measure our blood pressures at home, having it done professionally will ensure that all the details and signs are covered by a medical professional. The procedure doesn’t require any needles and it is completely painless. The decorator will wrap your arm with an inflatable band and they will start the reading. You can have normal, high, and low blood pressure.

Height and Weight Measurements

A lot of people don’t think about this one, but measuring your height and weight when you are older matters. The doctor will calculate your BMI and they will tell you if you need to correct your weight. Being overweight will cause a lot of health issues as well as be a hazard. It can cause diabetes, heart and kidney issues as well as cause a lot of foot issues. For those who are struggling with foot issues, make sure that you are getting it checked out by a professional podiatrist at Fairfield. They are one of the best-licensed professionals in Australia that you can visit.

Cholesterol Tests

Taking cholesterol tests regularly will decrease the risk of having a store or a heart attack. That is because your doctors will be able to analyze your blood and identify things as high cholesterol and adapt your diet as well as medication to normalize it.

Cancer Screening

Unfortunately, a lot of older people will have a higher risk of developing cancer. There are certain groups that run a higher risk of developing it and there are people who are less likely to develop it. By doing regular cancer screenings you will ensure that you are keeping any potential issues from occurring or you will catch it at the early stages of development. The earlier you catch something serious as cancer the more likelihood of curing it you will have.

Tests for CVD

For those who are having a higher risk of getting a stroke, doctors recommend that you get assessed every year. The assessment means that you will be getting a test for CVD. Even though there is medicine for it, you have to ensure that you are keeping it at bay and not having the worst outcome.


If you are over 70 years old, we advise you that you have the following immunizations:

  1. Influenza
  2. Herpes zoster
  3. Pneumococcal

Make sure that you are checking in with your doctor and making sure that you have all the doses as well as that you haven’t missed any immunizations. For those who have weaker immune systems, it is a good idea that you get flu shots.

Kidney Diseases

For older people, it is a good idea that they have their kidneys every year or if you are someone who doesn’t have a high risk of developing kidney diseases you should get checked every two years. If you are having some pains or issues and you are doubting that it has to do with your kidneys make sure that you are visiting your doctor as soon as possible.

There are a lot of older people who are just unaware of how important getting regular checkups are. Some even know but it is really difficult for them to arrange or even attend the appointments. If you know an older person, make sure that you are checking in on them and seeing if they need some help getting to their appointments. Going to the appointments will ensure a longer and healthier life.


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