Know Your Options When Injured During Pregnancy



Pregnancy can be a wonderful time that is full of joy. It can also be fraught with confusion and stress, and one thing some pregnant women might worry about is the possibility of injuries that might hurt the child. It is important to understand some of the usual options you might have at your disposal should an injury such as this occur.

Medical Malpractice

There is a possibility that you, your developing baby, or both could come to harm due to simple malpractice or negligence by those caring for you. Failing to diagnose problems in your pregnancy, running the wrong tests, or giving you incorrect prescriptions are just some examples of how medical staff might be negligent here. If you suspect this is the case, you can sue for damages. Most hospitals carry insurance specifically for these things. Your actions here are not an attempt to punish anyone, but they are an important step in getting the financial resources you might need for your child.

Birth Defect Compensation

Unfortunately, there is always a risk that a child might be born with a birth defect. Defects can cover a wide range of problems. But there are ways for medical experts to determine the root causes of some of them. If you think that your child developed an issue due to something like chemical exposure from a negligent business, a birth injury attorney can help you figure out your next move. A professional like this will work with medical experts and others to trace the cause of the injury and figure out which parties might be liable for damages in a legal sense.

Extra Care and Assistance

In addition to monetary assistance, you may be entitled to a high level of care for you or your developing child at no cost to you. This option can depend on what type of injury you have received, how it happened, and an expert’s opinion on the possible impact it might have on the baby’s development. Mothers need to maintain certain levels of health during pregnancy, and your injury may prevent you from doing that easily. As long as you include the damages to your health and your life in your injury case, you can get all of your care expenses covered.


If you are able to get financial compensation, it is important to know how it might be distributed. How courts award damages largely depends on the injured party. If your child received an injury during pregnancy that caused a birth defect, a trust in their name is often set up for them. Even if this is the case, you might be entitled to some compensation as a result of emotional stress.

Pregnancy can affect the ways in which you might approach a personal injury claim. One type of injury might mean closer monitoring of the pregnancy as things develop. This could lead to higher medical costs. Where you receive the injury and the surrounding circumstances can have some impact as well. Always go over the circumstances of any event like this with a qualified professional.


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