Why We Should Listen to Our Intuition Before Seeking Advice


Many people seek out relationship advice from others. And some people will even go through much effort and trouble to do so. They will go to the extent of getting therapy, asking friends and family for help, and even researching things online. But the one thing that people usually end up finding out in the end, was that their first inner gut instinct was right all along. This is something that we should all try to improve on by becoming more self aware. Our intuition can ultimately save us from experiencing inner drama and anxiety that could’ve and should’ve been avoided.

Many people are afraid to listen to their instincts or simply don’t want to, because deep down they know what’s really going on or how someone might feel, etc. Many times we avoid listening to the truth, even when it’s that little voice inside of our own heads. Sometimes, we simply don’t want to believe things, because we either hoped that things would be different or because some things are simply too painful to come to terms with. Either way, the sooner that we listen to our instinct, and I’m not saying to start mind reading, because that’s something totally different, but at that point when we’re really in touch with ourselves and listening to our intuition, we’ll be much better off.

You see, postponing doing what’s right in life holds us back in many ways. There’s no sense in stalling something that you know is bound to happen eventually. If anything, stalling things or avoiding doing what you intuitively know is right, will lead you down a long and draining path. As well, it can hold you back from finding the right person to start a life with, feeling motivated, going after your goals, and everything else that pertains to having a bright and beautiful future.

Like I said above, reading into things is not the same thing as listening to your inner gut feeling. When it comes to anything of importance in life, avoiding things is never the best method for good things to come. This includes going after what you want in life, but also listening to your intuition. But the worst thing about avoiding listening to that intuition, is that the longer you delay listening, the more that you’ll likely experience heartache, anxiety, stress, and unhappiness.

So remember, the next time that you’re in some type of predicament or a situation where you feel that you need guidance, before asking anyone for advice or researching online, etc., listen to your intuition, and go from there. Asking others for advice is always great, as long as you’re the one who makes the final decision. But at the end of the day, we can save ourselves from having a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety if we listen to our intuition first.

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