Five Ways to Improve Happiness



For the most part, happiness is a state of mind and has a lot to do with our perspective. It’s important to be optimistic and to try to see the good and beautiful in things. We need to choose to be happy in life as much as possible. And we shouldn’t expect to be happy all of the time. If you think that anyone is happy all of the time, think again. However, there are a few things that you can do, and a few changes that can truly help lift your mood and increase your level of happiness each and every day.

Here’s a list of Five Ways to Create More Happiness.

1. Do What You Love.

Make sure that what you do for work is something that you love and are passionate about. This doesn’t mean that it won’t take hard work, a lot of effort, time, as well as patience, to get to where you hope to be. But what it does mean, is that ultimately, if you put in all of the above, and as long as you don’t give up, you’ll achieve your goals and feel good. It’s important to do what we love in life because that’s one of the main ways of being happy. You should always do something that you’re passionate about. You shouldn’t just go through the motions of life, watch the hours, moments, days, and years pass you by.

Even though things might be hard at first, you should work hard towards something that will create happiness for you in the long term. As well, it’s important to do what we love for work, because it will make us feel fulfilled, proud, accomplished, and confident. And especially, because we didn’t give up and we went after what we really wanted to do in life, rather than settling for something that was easier, but that we weren’t passionate about and that we really didn’t enjoy.

2. A Balanced Life Is a Happy Life.

Make sure that your life has enough balance and that you make time for everything that’s important to you. When you have a truly balanced life, you’ll feel much more satisfied and happy. Many of us have busy schedules and feel as if we have no time for anything fun or even for certain priorities that we might be put aside until later. But the truth is, if we feel that we don’t have time, it’s likely that we’re simply not making the time. Many times, it’s really about what we value as important, and what we feel is worth our time, effort, love, and attention. And many times, it’s simply about whether or not we appreciate what we have and feel good about what we’re doing.

Good things come when they’re given enough love, attention, effort, and when you put in enough work. You can’t expect something great to happen if you’re not willing to do what it takes to make it great. Make sure that you’re putting enough of your energy towards everything that you want to succeed.

I always suggest drawing a circle on a piece of paper and cutting it into a pizza pie. Each one of those slices should have a certain percentage, and you should mark them for what’s important to you personally. Make sure that you spend enough time focusing on each and every one of those slices. Whether it’s family, a social life, work, romantic relationships, dating, quality time with your kids or someone special, alone time, prayer or meditation, or anything that you value and feel the desire to have time for. Put each important thing in a slice, even if your slices end up becoming thinner.

This is the way to visually see that everything that you care about is getting enough of your attention. This type of balance will provide so much more happiness than you might think upon first hearing it. But go ahead and draw that circle and see if it makes a difference. It never hurts to try something new, and if you want to be happier in life, you can try my idea or any of these ideas in this article. But remember, without balance, there will likely be more issues and problems in your life. And you might just end up not accomplishing as much as you’d like. At the end of the day, something that we all need to keep in mind is that if we’re willing to do anything in life, we should do it the right way and give it enough attention, rather than not put enough love or effort into it and have it become mediocre.

3. Pray, Meditate, and Make Time for Yourself.

As I just mentioned above, prayer, meditation, and even taking some time for yourself are truly important factors in order to feel happy. Having a little alone time can actually be quite refreshing, healing, and can even make you see things with more clarity and understanding. Make sure that you’re giving yourself even a little bit of time to relax so that you can relieve daily stress, as well as other stresses that you might be affected by in your life.

Many times, we put ourselves last. But the truth is, we shouldn’t. I always talk about how important it is to be selfless but don’t forget that it’s more than O.K. to be selfish sometimes and to be good to yourself. After all, you need to be whole and love yourself. Besides, if you feel good,  you’ll have more enthusiasm, you’ll be the best version of yourself, and you’ll likely become more successful.

4. Be Spontaneous but Know When to Plan.

We can’t prepare for everything in life. However, sometimes we can prevent unhappiness by being more aware, more prepared, and more organized. Sometimes, it’s good to put more effort into things, to create a game plan, to read more, and to ask questions and at least listen to the opinions of others. And it’s good to be spontaneous sometimes. Being spontaneous keeps things exciting, adventurous, and can be a great way to feel free for a moment, and to let go, and have fun. Having said that, sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous and sometimes it’s much better to have a game plan, to make reservations, and to at least have some type of idea of what you want to do or where you want to go, etc.

Being spontaneous and carefree is something that everyone is capable of and it’s actually really beautiful quality because many people are too uptight and have such high expectations that they end up becoming a snob a lot of the time. Being too picky can be a good thing, but also a bad thing if you’re never willing to go with the flow or be spontaneous. You should pick and choose when it’s most appropriate to be spontaneous and when it’s most appropriate to plan things. At the end of the day, the goal is happiness, so if you feel that planning things will provide the most happiness, plan ahead a little more, and if you feel that letting go and being a little spontaneous once in a while might be the key to a little spice in your life, then you should do just that. 

5. Get Rid of Unnecessary Drama and Acquire Inner Peace.


I’ve never been a big fan of when people avoid drama, especially when they’re avoiding it so they don’t have to deal with issues that need to be worked on. I truly believe that you need to deal with issues and even nip them in the bud early on so that you can try to resolve them, rather than having to deal with horrible consequences of even bigger issues later. It’s imperative to work through issues in your own life, as well as when you’re in a relationship. Avoiding drama or intense conversations so that you don’t have an argument or feel upset and hurt never makes the issues disappear. Therefore, make sure that you work through issues, rather than avoid dealing with them. 

As far as negative people, toxic people, and any type of negativity, it’s always best to avoid it all and surround yourself with loving, positive, and enlightened individuals. Part of feeling happy is eliminating all unnecessary drama and stress. As long as that drama isn’t the type of drama that you need to work through, issues you need to fix, or for many inadequate areas in your life from things you’ve had to postpone or neglect. Strive towards being more drama-free and peaceful with yourself and the world around you.

Acquiring inner peace is one of the best ways of creating happiness in your life. But to truly acquire genuine inner peace, you have to feel it deep within your core. No one should feel peaceful in their core if they’re avoiding drama in their relationship or avoiding issues and hurting someone else or even themselves by not addressing things when they should. But at the same time, if you handle things in the right manner in your life, then you can find many different methods for creating more peace in your life so that you can feel stably happier.

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