Party Essentials: The 6 Things You Need to Throw a Successful Party



Parties are a lot of fun, but the planning process can be a lot of work and stress. If you have not organized a lot of large gatherings, it can be challenging to figure out where to get started. There are some essentials you’ll need to make sure your next party is a hit.

1. Invitations

Whether you’re planning a small get together or a huge wedding, spreading the word about the party is vital to its success. Many people use social media to send notices, but quirky and fun invitations can draw a bigger crowd. Try a balloon invite or a message in the shape of an ice cream cone for summer parties.

Just be sure that your announcement matches the tone of the occasion. If you’re throwing a sweet sixteen party, you don’t want stuffy summons; if you’re throwing a wedding, you don’t want immature invites. You should also make sure to include a way for people to RSVP so you can get an accurate number of people attending.

2. Help

You’ll end up becoming grumpy and worn out if you try to do everything yourself, so get some help. Line up as many of your friends and family that you can when you are putting together a party. If there’s too much, hire professionals. Even a little bit of help is better than none at all. Organization and preparation will go a long way to help you feel more at ease so that you can actually enjoy your party.

3. Create a Theme

People are more likely to come to your party when it has a theme. It’s also a lot easier to decorate and get your materials for your party when you have a specific scheme in mind, and the décor will look more cohesive. Depending on the theme, you can also make the food and activities fit as well. A Roaring 20s party can have speakeasy décor, bar feathers, pearls, and gambling. A tropical-themed party can have fake palm trees, beach umbrellas, piña coladas, and barbecue.

4. Activities

People that get bored at parties will not stay very long. Make your party enticing by including a variety of things to do like ice breakers, games, dance music, or a scavenger hunt. Any activity that encourages your partygoers to interact with each other, especially those they haven’t met before, is best.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol can make or break your party, but the main priority is serving it responsibly. You can buy all of the alcohol at the liquor store, and if you buy in bulk, you will likely be able to get a good deal. Hire a professional bartender so you don’t have to work at your own party. The bartender will be able to serve your guests and make sure no one overdoes it so that you can enjoy the party without worry.

6. Great Food

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great food menu for your guests. Small bites may be best to tie in with your theme and keep your guests interested. Finger foods like bruschetta or deviled eggs are staples that you can execute quickly and store easily. If you’re having the party around a mealtime, it is a good idea to have something more filling, so that your guests don’t get hungry halfway through.

Expect minor bumps in the road as you plan your next party, but try not to stress about them too much. Parties are meant to be fun, and stressing over every detail will keep you from truly enjoying the moment. Create a plan with the essentials, and the rest will take care of itself.


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