Pause and Embrace


Sometimes we all go through different phases of feeling good and bad. We’ll have good days, bad days, and sometimes, we’ll even get consumed with our own distorted views of momentary ups and downs. We may feel at times that because we have moments of doubt from our lives seeming bland or at a standstill, that perhaps it will remain this way, and won’t ever change. Having said that, it’s important to remember that every moment, every breath, and every step that we take in life leads us to another step, and despite our lives seeming as if at a standstill at times, where nothing seems to be happening or inspiring us to continue, we must view it as a moment, and merely a temporary moment.

We all need to recognize that moments are all that we have, and to live each moment as if it’s our last. We should embrace every moment and every day in a way that we show appreciation for all of the beautiful things and gifts that we have in life. It’s important not to take what we have for granted, and always concentrate on appreciating the good, instead of thinking about the bad, and concentrating on what we don’t have, or don’t have yet that is. Each one of our moments is a blessing and should be embraced as we live in our present state… now.

What if we didn’t have this very moment, this very moment in which we hope to inspire others, to give advice, and to shed love and light onto others. What if we weren’t to have this moment to think back and remember good times and memories that we’ve shared with our loved ones from our past. Every moment that we think, feel, listen, hear, and experience are all blessings. It’s important to remember each of these blessings and embrace them, for we never know what will truly happen in the next moment. This is why it’s important to live every day to the fullest. Even when our lives are at a standstill or when we may feel temporarily alone in life, it’s important to be one with our thoughts and optimistic in our outlook on the fact that moments are all that we have in life.

I’m taking out this moment to shed light on you and others, in order to remind us all to cherish what we have, and who we’re close with, instead of on what we lack, and what we long for. Be at peace with your present situation. Rejoice and embrace this very moment, without taking for granted the love or light that you see. Envision what you foresee to come, and do so with optimism. But make sure, while you stand before your own reflection, never spite those that seem ahead or below you in any way, but instead shine.

Shine so bright, create your own light, and your own destiny. Be good to yourself, and do so by cherishing all that you are, and all that you have. Embrace this moment, and don’t worry about the next. But instead, envision what you want, and what’s needed to get it. Take each moment and day for what it is, and stop worrying or being afraid of what’s to come. Create your path, and choose whether to set it on fire and thrive on it or to let it lead you to another path. Whichever route in life you choose, make the choice to embrace the moments that get you there.

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