The Reasonable Expectation of Being Respected


We all have certain expectations in life of how we want to be treated. When we’re reasonable with our expectations, when we don’t expect too much, and when we simply expect to be treated with respect, and in a dignified manner, we’re not really asking too much. First of all, it’s important that we’re able to differentiate between what normal expectations are and what unreasonable or unrealistic expectations are. Once we know the difference, and we can clearly see that we’re being treated poorly by others or in a way that’s completely inappropriate and unsatisfactory, we need to make a decision not to keep those types of people in our lives.

We should always surround ourselves with people that love and respect us. And at the very least, we should love ourselves enough where we don’t stand by while people treat us poorly. They say that respect is earned, and that it should never be demanded. However, contrary to that belief system, we all deserve to be respected to a certain degree. People also say that you get what you give to others. This is something that’s relevant towards any type of relationship that you have. And this belief system, I tend to agree with wholeheartedly.

We should always treat others with respect, and we should treat them in the same manner in which we hope to be treated as well. But when you’re respectful to others, and they treat you poorly or act rude to you in different ways, it’s important to recognize that, and communicate your feelings to them. But if nothing changes, and those people don’t respect you regardless of you having communicated your feelings to them, you should end those relationships.

We should always work on ourselves, and strive to be better as individuals every single day. No one is perfect, and we can all improve ourselves throughout our lives. So to those out there who feel that they have no room to improve themselves, they need to do some deep soul-searching, because we can all strive towards enlightenment. We can always improve ourselves for the better, and that’s something that we all need to comprehend.

Last but not least, we can’t expect to change others or have them respect us more than they do. But what we can do, is focus on ourselves, inspire to be better than we were yesterday, and surround ourselves with people that will respect us and treat us with kindness. When we take control of our lives, and we don’t settle for less than we deserve, it’s a way of telling ourselves that we love and value who we are. But when we let others treat us badly, and we sit back and let others abuse, control, bully, or disrespect us, we’re not only letting those things happen, but we’re not respecting ourselves or loving ourselves enough to stop it.

Love yourself enough to walk away when others don’t treat you with kindness and enough respect. And I’m not saying to be arrogant or have crazy expectations of being treated as a king or queen. On the contrary, I’m more so referring to being respected as an individual, as being different and unique, and as being who you are at your core. We are all unique individuals, and we all have different morals and values that are important to us. So despite how we think, how we look, or what we truly believe is the right path for us in life, there’s a way of disagreeing with someone, yet still maintaining respect for them.

Remember, if you want to be treated with kindness, love, and respect, then you need to treat others in the same fashion. But when others don’t treat you in a way in which you feel that they truly respect you, even when they disagree with you, you should love yourself enough not to keep those people in your lives. Walk away when needed, and truly think about the types of people who you want to keep in your life. But never, and I mean never stand by while others put you down or treat you with disrespect. Respect yourself enough to let those who don’t respect you leave your life.

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